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February 2024

Links to ICE Webring and MERP Webring sites

I’ve gone through all the sites that currently belong to the ICE Webring and to the MERP Webring and have created links here to all of the ones that still have any sort of relevant content.

At the peak of the Webrings I had over 150 sites between the two rings, now I’m down to […]

Have a question?

Have you got a question about a rule in Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP or any of ICE’s other games? Have you got an idea for an Adventure or a Campaign that you’d like to share with others? Have you got a topic that you’d like to discuss with other players? The ICE Forums are the perfect […]

The Guild Adventurer Issue Three has been published

The third issue of The Guild Adventurer is now available for purchase from (the TGC store on the ICE server), (and etc.), and

This issue contains The Quiet Time (a HARP/RM scenario in the Echoes of Heaven setting by Robert Defendi), Dust to Dust (a RM/HARP adventure by Marc Rosen), […]

Bughunters and other games on rpgRMforums

My latest attempt at an on-line adventure at rpgRMforums is an adaption of the old Bughunters game from TSR. This was originally done up for their Amazing Engine game system, but I’ll be running it under HARP Sci Fi.

The final release of HARP Sci Fi still isn’t available, waiting on artwork I believe, but […]

Guild Adventurer #3 Ransom Begins

Latest Announcement from Nicholas HM Caldwell of the Guild Companion:

We are pleased to announce that The Guild Adventurer Issue #3 is now ready to be ransomed. We will be running a simple honor-based system for pledges. You simply send me an email at editor @ guildcompanion dot com and let me know if you […]

Links Page Updated

Updated the Links page and slightly rearranged the left hand sidebar.

December Guild Companion – Dolphins for HARP

The December Guild Companion has been posted for awhile now, and amoung other interesting articles, it contains an article that I wrote for playing Dolphins as Player Characters in HARP, admittedly an odd notion, but a GM could also use it as a method of creating some interesting NPC’s for characters that might be adventuring […]

November Guild Companion – Aquatic Elves

The November Guild Companion is now available and contains an article by yours truly on Aquatic Elves for HARP. Take a peek, and if you feel ambitious, leave a comment

Guild Companion: Guild Adventurer

An interesting project by the Guild Companion that is worth supporting if you are interested in getting some Adventures for your ICE games

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’re putting the adventures back into role-playing.

The Guild Companion proposes to publish The Guild Adventurer, a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow […]

Site Updates

Updated the pages with the lists of ICE Products so they will display properly and have working links when accessed through the WordPress structure. Also started fixing up the Links page (Featured Sites), but still need lots of work on that particular page. I’ve have several sites I still want to add, some of the […]