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October 2021

Big News from The Guild Companion

Rolemaster Companion I is back.

Digitally remastered and with updates for Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Companion I is a must for all Rolemaster (2nd Edition and Classic) fans.

With 118 individual spells (from 1st to 75th level), 31 spell lists, Arcane Magic, additional races, legendary monsters including the devastating Black Reaver, intelligent artifacts, rules for […]

New Products added

Added the latest batch of new products from ICE. Some PDFs and Cloth Bound versions of books for Rolemaster Classic and HARP and the new Rolemaster Classic Combat Companion in various formats. All available from the ICE Store

Added newly released pdfs to Product List

ICE recently released some of their older products as pdfs, this includes items for Rolemaster Editon 2 (RM2), Spacemaster Edition 1 and 2 (SM1, SM2) and ShadowWorld (SW). I’ve added these pdfs to the appropriate lists.

Note, ICE did not have the original files for these, so these items are all scanned products.

You can […]

Rolemaster Classic

It’s time to add some information to the Product List for Rolemaster Classic. Should also update my “What is Rolemaster” article to include a section on it. The choices are to add the items to the existing RM2 lists or to create a new RMC section. I’m leaning towards creating a new section, but if […]

RMC Spell Law beta now available

From the April 12th ICE Newsletter:

Spell Law:

I am very happy to announce that the Spell Law pdf is up and ready for sale at $21.Now, this is just a Beta version, and is missing a couple of things, but the final version will be done within a week or so. However, you do […]

Essence Companion Returns!

The Magic Has Returned!

Originally published in 1997 by ICE, this new edition of Essence Companion has been digitally remastered by The Guild Companion.

From forgotten tomes of magic to the schools of wizards, now comes forth a deeper exploration of the realm of Essence.

The Essence Companion delves deeply into the magical realm of […]

RM2 and Rolemaster Classic Announcement

Here’s a copy of an announcement Tim (Rasyr) posted on the ICE Forums including some information about a project I’ve been helping out with, Rolemaster Classic.

Apparently, this latest newsletter from Bruce may have been mangled by anti-spam progams for some reason. Therefore, I am reposting it here.

Quote Hi Folks,

There was […]

RM2 Product List Update

Aded the 2nd Edition Rolemaster Combat Screen to the RM2 Product List page and created an individual page for it. If anyone can verify the publication year as 1989, I would be grateful.

New Rolemaster Screens Now Available

ICE has recently released the first in a planned series of Gamemaster Screens for their products. This is the Rolemaster Screens and they are available at: The ICE Store