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April 2024

Redirecting old pages

I’ve put in redirects for the First Edition MERP pages, which means that any sites that have a link to the old individual pages will be forwarded to the correct new page that is built from the database. I’ve also done the Rolemaster First Edition, Rolemaster Second Edition, and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying pages. Anyone that […]

Guild Companion PDF Updates

I now have 48 of the 51 products that are currently available from the Guild Companion at entered into the database. Unfortunately I’m not sure which three I’m missing, I’ll have to compare my list to what is listed on RPGNow to see what I skipped. Also updated some of the Spacemaster pages to […]

Guild Companion ReReleasing Rolemaster PDFs

The Guild Companion has been rereleasing many of the older RM2 Companions, such as “The World of VogMur“, “The Iron Wind“, “Oriental Companion“, “Creatures and Treasures II“, “Creatures and Treasures III“, “At Rapier’s Point“, “Time Riders“, “Heroes and Rogues“, “Cyberspace” and others. More titles are being added daily. These are scanned PDF’s and the prices […]

Changing Product Pages

I’ve started what will probably be a long process of switching the individual detailed product pages from being static pages to being dynamic database driven pages. Which means copying all the information from the individual static pages into the database. So far have the First and Second Edition Rolemaster pages done.

Big News from The Guild Companion

Rolemaster Companion I is back.

Digitally remastered and with updates for Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Companion I is a must for all Rolemaster (2nd Edition and Classic) fans.

With 118 individual spells (from 1st to 75th level), 31 spell lists, Arcane Magic, additional races, legendary monsters including the devastating Black Reaver, intelligent artifacts, rules for […]

Added newly released pdfs to Product List

ICE recently released some of their older products as pdfs, this includes items for Rolemaster Editon 2 (RM2), Spacemaster Edition 1 and 2 (SM1, SM2) and ShadowWorld (SW). I’ve added these pdfs to the appropriate lists.

Note, ICE did not have the original files for these, so these items are all scanned products.

You can […]

RM2 Product List Update

Aded the 2nd Edition Rolemaster Combat Screen to the RM2 Product List page and created an individual page for it. If anyone can verify the publication year as 1989, I would be grateful.