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February 2024

Guild Companion PDFs added

Added the recent Guild Companion Re-releases of some of the Rolemaster and Shadow World pdfs to the appropriate product pages. Something new with these updates is that they were done using a Visual C# / ADO.NET program which I wrote using my recently aquired skills in those products. It makes doing edits and updates much […]

RMX / RMC Skill Cost Page updated

Updated the RMX / RMC Skill Cost Page to include professions up to Express Additions 19 and Spell Law II for Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic

Rolemaster Classic Pages Added

I’ve now added the information for the Rolemaster Classic products to the database for the individual product pages. Made a few minor corrections and additions to some of the other Rolemaster pages as well.

RMX/RMC Master Skill Cost List

Created a new page under Articles and Indexes which contains a list of the skill costs for all of the Professions in Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic

Big News from The Guild Companion

Rolemaster Companion I is back.

Digitally remastered and with updates for Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Companion I is a must for all Rolemaster (2nd Edition and Classic) fans.

With 118 individual spells (from 1st to 75th level), 31 spell lists, Arcane Magic, additional races, legendary monsters including the devastating Black Reaver, intelligent artifacts, rules for […]

New Products added

Added the latest batch of new products from ICE. Some PDFs and Cloth Bound versions of books for Rolemaster Classic and HARP and the new Rolemaster Classic Combat Companion in various formats. All available from the ICE Store

Rolemaster Classic

It’s time to add some information to the Product List for Rolemaster Classic. Should also update my “What is Rolemaster” article to include a section on it. The choices are to add the items to the existing RM2 lists or to create a new RMC section. I’m leaning towards creating a new section, but if […]