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October 2021

Essence Companion Returns!

The Magic Has Returned!

Originally published in 1997 by ICE, this new edition of Essence Companion has been digitally remastered by The Guild Companion.

From forgotten tomes of magic to the schools of wizards, now comes forth a deeper exploration of the realm of Essence.

The Essence Companion delves deeply into the magical realm of […]

New Years Resolutions

It’s almost the New Year so I thought I’d post some of my goals for the ICEWEBRING site and gaming in general.

The switch to WordPress hasn’t been as useful as I had hoped. It seems to have slowed the access to pages down significantly and there have been very few comments posted by people. […]

December Guild Companion – Dolphins for HARP

The December Guild Companion has been posted for awhile now, and amoung other interesting articles, it contains an article that I wrote for playing Dolphins as Player Characters in HARP, admittedly an odd notion, but a GM could also use it as a method of creating some interesting NPC’s for characters that might be adventuring […]

ICE Releases Rolemaster Classic


The Guild Adventurer – Issue 1 now Available

The first issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived. The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. Our all-star cast of contributors have created the following rich and diverse set of scenarios to put the adventure back into your games:

* “The Temple […]

Guild Companion: Guild Adventurer

An interesting project by the Guild Companion that is worth supporting if you are interested in getting some Adventures for your ICE games

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’re putting the adventures back into role-playing.

The Guild Companion proposes to publish The Guild Adventurer, a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow […]

RM2 and Rolemaster Classic Announcement

Here’s a copy of an announcement Tim (Rasyr) posted on the ICE Forums including some information about a project I’ve been helping out with, Rolemaster Classic.

Apparently, this latest newsletter from Bruce may have been mangled by anti-spam progams for some reason. Therefore, I am reposting it here.

Quote Hi Folks,

There was […]

Space Master 2nd Edition PDF’s

For those of you that are fans of Spacemaster 2nd Edition, ICE has recently released PDF versions of some of the material for that version of the game, including the Core rules, Star Strike, the three Vessel Compendiums, Armored Assault, and the Armor Reserves Vehicle Compendium. They can be purchased at:;jsessionid=U3jdLsPeQQgbXG3k?category=23191

Vacation Time!

Well, it’s vacation time for me, have a couple of weeks off work and I’m only leaving town for part of one week, so it’s a chance to plan to get more done than I’ll actually have time for 🙂

There’s a couple of projects to work on, I’ve got a project for ICE that […]

HARP Gamemaster Screens

The PDF version of the new HARP Gamemaster Screens are now available at

Description: Everything you need to play HARP at your fingertips! Spend more time playing and less time looking for tables. This 20-page booklet (plus a 4-page full-color cover that’s backed with 4 pages of crucial critical tables and other charts) contains: