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October 2021

Guild Adventurer 2

Guild Adventurer #2 is now up for ransom. It includes an adventure by yours truly, so please pitch in and commit to buy it 🙂

Details can be found at:

Essence Companion Returns!

The Magic Has Returned!

Originally published in 1997 by ICE, this new edition of Essence Companion has been digitally remastered by The Guild Companion.

From forgotten tomes of magic to the schools of wizards, now comes forth a deeper exploration of the realm of Essence.

The Essence Companion delves deeply into the magical realm of […]

December Guild Companion – Dolphins for HARP

The December Guild Companion has been posted for awhile now, and amoung other interesting articles, it contains an article that I wrote for playing Dolphins as Player Characters in HARP, admittedly an odd notion, but a GM could also use it as a method of creating some interesting NPC’s for characters that might be adventuring […]

Brent’s Basement moved

If anyone has been trying to get to my Brent’ Basement ( site recently, you’ve probably just gotten an error message. Some lovely soul posted a direct link to one of my humor pages (The “I look like my Dog” page) and managed to blow out the rather limited bandwidth that I have there. So, […]

Featured Site: Nomikos Library

Todays featured site is the Nomikos Library, an excellent resource for anyone that plays in the Shadow World setting

To use the library you must register at the site and be logged in and in order to register you must show proof of ownership of one of the 4 editions of the Shadow World Master […]