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April 2024

To Do List

It’s been awhile since I posted a ToDo List, so here we go:

Now that HARP Sci Fi is finalized, at least as far as the rules go, I’d like to redo the Characters and NPC’s from my playtest group and post them using the most recent Open Office Character Sheet. I think I’ll do […]

Guild Adventurer #2 – Now Available

I’ve been officially published! Guild Adventurer #2 is now for sale and contains the Selkies Secret adventure that I’ve been working on for ages and finally decided to finish this year. The Guild Adventurer is a 79 page pdf which sells for $8.00, a real bargain. It can be purchased at:

Here’s the advertising […]

Guild Adventurer #2

The Guild Adventurer #2 ransom is now over. 82 pledges were received, which was short of the 100-pledge target, but The Guild Companion will be publishing the second issue of The Guild Adventurer. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the layout and final approval to be done. Stay tuned! As mentioned previously, […]

Updates to Database version of the ICE Product List

Added a whole bunch of information to the Database version of the ICE Product list, in fact it is probably more up to date than the regular lists. Started using thumbnails that are 100 wide instead of 80, it will take a long time to update them all so they will be mixed for awhile. […]

Guild Adventurer 2

Guild Adventurer #2 is now up for ransom. It includes an adventure by yours truly, so please pitch in and commit to buy it 🙂

Details can be found at:

December Guild Companion – Dolphins for HARP

The December Guild Companion has been posted for awhile now, and amoung other interesting articles, it contains an article that I wrote for playing Dolphins as Player Characters in HARP, admittedly an odd notion, but a GM could also use it as a method of creating some interesting NPC’s for characters that might be adventuring […]

November Guild Companion – Aquatic Elves

The November Guild Companion is now available and contains an article by yours truly on Aquatic Elves for HARP. Take a peek, and if you feel ambitious, leave a comment

Dolphin Spells

I’ve been doing some work on setting up a HARP campaign that would end up underwater. One of the things I want to do is develop Dolphins in more detail as a fantasy race that has spell use. I’m going to be creating some spells specific to the underwater environment, possibly specific to Dolphins. I […]

Star Wars for HARP Sci Fi

Star Wars has always been one of my favorite settings in which to run Roleplaying Games. With the playtesting I’ve been doing with the upcoming HARP Sci Fi game, I naturally started wondering what it would be like to try and run Star Wars under those rules. I figured that the major difference between Star […]

Vacation Time!

Well, it’s vacation time for me, have a couple of weeks off work and I’m only leaving town for part of one week, so it’s a chance to plan to get more done than I’ll actually have time for 🙂

There’s a couple of projects to work on, I’ve got a project for ICE that […]