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November 2023

Shadow World Master Atlas (4th Edition) and Powers of Light and Darkness now available at RPGNow

The Guild Companion has now released the Shadow World Master Atlas (4th Edition) and the Powers of Light and Darkness as PDFs on RPGNow. The Powers of Light and Darkness has been updated to include the RMSS/RMFRP stats as well as the stats for RM2/RMC. The RMSS/RMFRP stats were done as a project by […]

Cloudlords of Tanara – NPC stats for RMSS/RMFRP

I’ve updated the Shadow World Characters page to include links to the spreadsheets for the NPC’s from the CloudLords of Tanara module. This spreadsheets convert the stats for the NPCS from Rolemaster Second Edition (RM2) to Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS) or Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying (RMFRP)

Updated Links for Shadow World Characters

I have updated the links to the spreadsheets on the Shadow World Characters page. They had become broken when the page was embedded in WordPress. Also made an update to the site so that any incoming links to the old .shtml pages will get redirected to the new .php pages.

I’ve also been experimenting with […]

Site Updates

Uploaded an updated spreadsheet for ShadowWorld Characters Also moved several pages from being static pages to being WordPress pages, which will allow comments to be entered on them. Links to the original pages will still pull up the original pages, but following the menus will pull up the new pages.

Shadow World Character Sheets

I’ve gone back and started doing some more work with the Shadow World Character spreadsheet and have discovered a few glitches with it. Picking certain combinations of races and backgrounds seems to give the skills calculations indigestion. I think I’ve got the majority of the problems figured out, but I’m going to hold off on […]