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April 2024

Links back up

The Links have now been fixed up and should be working again.

Display tweaks

Did some tweaking of the pages to hopefully improve the way some of them display, particularly the individual product pages. Have also been doing some work on the Database version of the Product List, should be putting up a test version soon, still need to validate the data that I’m going to be using and […]

Redesigning the ICE Product List

One of my long term plans for the ICE Product list is to move from being a set of static pages to being database driven.

A bit of technical background on the site, I’m currently using WordPress on my site, although most of the page entries other than the ones on the main page are […]

New Years Resolutions

It’s almost the New Year so I thought I’d post some of my goals for the ICEWEBRING site and gaming in general.

The switch to WordPress hasn’t been as useful as I had hoped. It seems to have slowed the access to pages down significantly and there have been very few comments posted by people. […]

Site Updates and To Do List

Fixed up the links to the cover images on several pages, a few Shadow World pages and about half of the Spacemaster 1st and 2nd edition pages. These got broken when the pages were converted to php extensions, and they are pages where the cover images are not in the standard directories. These are usually […]

Vacation Time!

Well, it’s vacation time for me, have a couple of weeks off work and I’m only leaving town for part of one week, so it’s a chance to plan to get more done than I’ll actually have time for 🙂

There’s a couple of projects to work on, I’ve got a project for ICE that […]

Product list ToDo list

Items that I know still need adding are the Spacemaster DataNet pdfs (1 and 2), Cyradon Gazette pdf, Rolemaster Quarterly Pdf and the new RMFRP Combat Screen.

Also, need to do something with the Guild Companion PDF rerelease of Castles and Ruins, and their HARP Friends and Rivals PDF

Always something more

It never fails to suprise me, I think my list of ICE RPG products is complete, then I come across something I was completely unaware of. In this case, it’s another version of the RM2 Combat screens, same product number as the one on my list but a different color. Just got it from an […]

ToDo List – HARP Products

Need to add in a page for the HARP PlaceHolder, and the Bazaar Annual as well as listing the individual Bazaars as pdf only products. Also need to put in the cover text for about half of the products. Also need to add the HARP products to the master spreadsheet of ICE Products (send updated […]