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September 2021

Rolemaster Classic

It’s time to add some information to the Product List for Rolemaster Classic. Should also update my “What is Rolemaster” article to include a section on it. The choices are to add the items to the existing RM2 lists or to create a new RMC section. I’m leaning towards creating a new section, but if […]

Site Updates – MERP Collection

Thanks to a nice trade with Turambar from over at the ICE Forums, I’ve been able to update the MERP Product pages to show my new acquisitions. It really is amazing how many products ICE pumped out for MERP between 1984 and 1997. Doing the updates also made me realize that I haven’t included the […]

Survey for added feature on Pages

With the addition of WordPress to this site, one of the things that I can do is set up the Pages that have the information for individual ICE products so people can add comments. Comments could range from a review or opinion on the product, a question about the product, perhaps some errata or pointing […]

Spacemaster Future Law Errata

From the ICE Forums, and apparently missing from any of the official errata pages

During todays game I was looking at the races in Future Law (PDF version) and noticed something odd. The Stats and background mods are remarkably similar to those of the Dragoon. Is this meant to be this way? I find […]