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July 2024

More Updates

New Ice Webring Banner

I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, prompted by the need to add a new category and product for the finally released Rolemaster Unified Core Law.

I’ve moved to a new P.C. since the last time I had to do any work on my data bases, so I needed to set […]

Product List back online

I’ve finished creating the missing views for the Product List database and things seem to all be working again.

Server move

The site has just moved to a different server, which has broken the Product Listings. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that sorted out soon.

The problem seems to be that several Views I had in the database have lost their definitions. Strangely my Webhost says the database on the original server is the […]

Pinterest Problems

For reasons that I haven’t been able to figure out yet, my site has suddenly stopped allowing things to be pinned to Pinterest. Even I can’t pin my own stuff to my own Pinterest boards. Apparently Pinterest is getting an error 403, which shows up as : “Sorry! This site doesn’t allow you to save […]

Updated code for PHP 7.0

It did turn out that mysql_connect and several other functions were deprecated between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0. I’ve gone through my scripts and updated them to use the new APIs that are supported by PHP 7.0 and reset the default back to PHP 7.0. Things seem to be working okay so far, and supposedly […]

Cleaning up files

I’ve been going through and deleting old files off of the site, hopefully they aren’t being used anymore, but if you get a page not found error, please let me know, I’ve got backups of everything, just in case 🙂

Change of Theme - Part 3

I solved the final problem with getting the Title Tag to show what I want. I had to add an override of wp_title in the same plugin that I wrote to handle the variables. I got hung up for awhile trying to get it to work and eventually figured out that I needed to turn […]

Change of Theme – Part 2

Okay, the challenge of moving the Product pages to be within WordPress in the new theme was too tempting to pass up on, and after a couple of days of experimenting and some help from the “Atahualpa” forums I’ve got it working. I didn’t need to define a new template page or anything. It did […]

Change of Theme

I’ve switched the WordPress theme that I’m using from “F2” to “Atahualpa”. “F2” worked well except it wouldn’t handle wide tables properly, instead of compressing the sides and wrapping the text within the cells, it would simply chop off the right hand side of the table.

The “Athahualpa” theme handles the wide tables well, although […]

The Evolution of Arms Law

As part of the clean up of this site, I’ve redone my “The Evolution of Arms Law” as a regular WordPress page and added a couple of updates to it. I still want to expand the new section on the Rolemaster Classic version, and I want to do some additional clarifications around the various First […]