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October 2021

Recent Releases Sidebar

Added a new section to the left hand side bar which shows the most recent releases, including a link to be able to purchase them from RPGNow. Also added a “Buy” link in the product lists for those items that can be purchased on RPGNow, which is currently the only place to buy new ICE […]

Guild Companion PDF Updates

I now have 48 of the 51 products that are currently available from the Guild Companion at entered into the database. Unfortunately I’m not sure which three I’m missing, I’ll have to compare my list to what is listed on RPGNow to see what I skipped. Also updated some of the Spacemaster pages to […]


I’ve now converted the rest of the HARP pages, the RMFRP pages and a few other stray items over to the database. The pages that still need to be done are the Middle Earth/Tolkien Quest books, the Miscellaneous ICE Products, the Silent Death products, the Spacemaster books and the Translations. There are also several products […]

Guild Companion PDFs added

Added the recent Guild Companion Re-releases of some of the Rolemaster and Shadow World pdfs to the appropriate product pages. Something new with these updates is that they were done using a Visual C# / ADO.NET program which I wrote using my recently aquired skills in those products. It makes doing edits and updates much […]


Updated the site to the latest version of WordPress, 3.1.1. Also when through the Links section and removed a couple of dead links and updated a couple other links.

Rescue in Mirkwood

Updated the information for the Middle-Earth Quest “Rescue In Mirkwood” book, converting it to a database driven page and updated the cover image

Shadow World Pages and RMSS pages updated

I’ve now finished converting the Shadow World product pages and the Rolemaster Standard System product pages over to the database, fixing a few incorrect links along the way.

Rolemaster Classic Pages Added

I’ve now added the information for the Rolemaster Classic products to the database for the individual product pages. Made a few minor corrections and additions to some of the other Rolemaster pages as well.

Changing Product Pages

I’ve started what will probably be a long process of switching the individual detailed product pages from being static pages to being dynamic database driven pages. Which means copying all the information from the individual static pages into the database. So far have the First and Second Edition Rolemaster pages done.

Testing a new Theme

I’m currently testing out a new theme on the site, called “F2”. If anyone notices any pages that don’t display correctly, please post a quick comment on this posting. Still deciding whether I’ll keep this theme, and if I do, whether I’ll stick with two sidebars or set it to just one. Any comments or […]