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November 2019
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Updated Theme

I finally sorted out the issues I was having with the new F2 theme, boiled down to where I was placing the call to header.php. I also managed to fix the problem I was having with the individual product pages coming up as “Page not found” in the title, hopefully this will also help the […]

Reverting to old version of theme

I’ve reverted back to the old version of the F2 theme, it seems the new version doesn’t work well with my customizations for the individual product pages.

I’ve used the newer one for several months, so I’m surprised no one, including myself, had noticed those pages weren’t working.

At some point when I get some […]

New Banner and NavBar

I’ve now set up the new banner at the top of the page. Because of the height of the banner, it looked a little strange with such large blank bars on each side of the banner, so I set it up to be centered but to repeat parts of the banner to the side. Let […]

Product Lists now sortable by Column Heading

Finally added an enhancement that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile now. You can now click on some of the column headings in the product lists to resort them by that column.

The default sort order has always been by release date, but I’ve often thought that ordering the list by Stock […]

RSS News Feeds

Experimenting with adding an RSS news feed to the sidebar, added a “Recent News From ICE” section to the sidebar. Seems to be working quite nicely. It displays the most recent headlines from ICE’s Homepage

Site back up

The site is now back up after being down for about three days due to some technical difficulties with the databases. Everything should be working fine again, sorry for an inconvenience.

Updgraded to WordPress 2.3.2

Updated the site to the latest version of WordPress, WordPress 2.3.2 and updated a couple of the plugins to go with it. It seems to have gone well and only took the site off-line for about 30 minutes.

Reviews, Tech notes

Got the next batch of reviews converted over to WordPress pages, also did find out that one of the DNS servers on my new host had not been properly updated, so occasionally people trying to get here (including me) would get sent to the old site, where I have deleted almost everything. That has now […]

Change of Website Hosts and updated MySql and Php

I’ve just made the move to a different host for this Website, and that included moving to newer versions of MySql and PHP. Overall this is good news for me, the bad news is that some of the functions for parts of the site are temporarily broken and I’ll need to get them fixed up. […]

Style Sheet updates

As a first step to making some adjustments to the way this site looks, I did a cleanup and reorganization of the main style sheet that I’m using, which of course could lead to some strange things occurring. I think I did manage to fix the odd problem with the side menu where it would […]