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Rolemaster & Spacemaster Errata Pages

HARP, Rolemaster & Spacemaster Errata Pages


HARP Fan Compiled Errata & FAQ

HARP stands for High Adventure Role Playing, and is a new entry into the RPG community. It is billed as simple, modular and expandable system from the new Iron Crown Enterprises. HARP was designed to be compatible with the I.C.E RoleMaster product line, allowing for easier transition between the two gaming systems.

The HARP Errata and FAQ questions and answers were taken directly from the HARP Forums that are hosted by Iron Crown Enterprises. The material contained within this document should be considered unofficial, but the information contained within the document is based on official statements, responses and replies by I.C.E. representatives to questions and concerns presented on the HARP Forum board.

Updated to the end of November 2004

ICE Errata Index

A collection of Errata on ICE’s official Home Page. Some of it refers back here, but also includes some new items.

Rolemaster Rulings – Updated

Brett Nash has kindly reformatted and updated the Rolemaster Rulings to be more readable and to include recent items from the forums and mailing lists.

Rolemaster Rulings

Previously on the home page of Craig “Ichabod” O’Brien, formerly I.C.E.’s Net rep. It contain’s the Rolemaster Rulings, a collection of official rulings for the Rolemaster RPG. This includes the rules for designing Training Packages. These rulings are meant to cover the Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying, although there is a section at the end covering older versions of Rolemaster. Craig removed the listings, but has given me permission to post the old pages on my site. At some point I will clean them up and modify the links and email portions. Please don’t email Craig asking about any of the rulings as he’s not working for I.C.E anymore and has moved on to other things.

Spacemaster Privateers

These pages contains information on the Spacemaster Privateers game by I.C.E. The material is from Robert J. Defendi, the author of Spacemaster Privateers. Included is errata for Spacemaster Privateers (including updated critical tables) and an article on using Silent Death with Spacemaster Privateers. Silent Death grew out of the previous incarnation of Spacemaster, so some of the conversion information is applicable to that product as well. Robert now has his own WebSite, check it out for more upto date info,

Black Ops Errata

Errata for Black Ops

Essence Companion Errata

A Guild Companion article with errata for the Essence companion and a few other tidbits.

Castles and Ruins Errata

A Guild Companion article with errata for the Castles and Ruins Supplement.

Adjusted Castles and Ruins Price Sheets

A Guild Companion article with a modified pricing list for the Castles and Ruins Supplement.

Mentalism Companion
Official Training Packages Costs

A Guild Companion article with a table providing the Development Point costs associated with the training packages presented in the other companions and sourcebooks for the Seer, Astrologer, Enchanter, and Armsmaster professions described in the Mentalism Companion.


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2 comments to Errata

  • Additional Treasure Law errata questions:

    Re: Errata & Help needed deciphering Treasure Companion

  • From the ICE Forums, and apparently missing from any of the official errata pages

    During todays game I was looking at the races in Future Law (PDF version) and noticed something odd. The Stats and background mods are remarkably similar to those of the Dragoon. Is this meant to be this way? I find it odd that the weakest species among the cats are the strongest if you look at the statistics. I looked at the errata for the book, but this wasnt mentioned.

    If they are wrong, what should they have been?

    It is a misprint, the proper stats were posted by the author in this thread in the old forums:

    Falaris should be:

    Stat Bonuses:
    Ag: +10
    Co: +0
    Me: +2
    Re: +2
    SD: +8
    Em: -2
    In: +8
    Pr: +4
    Qu: +10
    St: -4

    RR Mods:
    Poison: +0
    Disease: +0
    Fear: +0
    Psions: +0

    Body Dev. Progression:

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