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Just an area for you to enter any feedback or general questions, comments or suggestions that you might have about the site.

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  • Dave

    Love the site, and thank you for the hard work and dedication. You may or may not know that Mr. Amthor has several new Shadow World products out since the last update on the site.
    Shadow World: Haalkitaine & The Court of Rhakhaan, released in Nov of 2019
    Shadow World: Jaiman : Land of Twilight, released in August of 2018.

    Shadow World: The Haunted Village, added in September 2019.
    Shadow World: Citadel of Osaran, due to be relased soon after Jan 2020.

  • Chris Tozer

    Hi all
    I think I am really wishing for the unobtainable here but here goes …. I have been trying for a long time to locate the perfect RM2/Classic electronic character sheet/character generator.
    I think ultimately I will need to create my own though I thought it may be worthwhile asking in case I have missed an existing one.
    What I am after is:
    – a downloadable (ie not hosted) solution
    – a chargen that lists all of the RM2 professions (approx. 150 including all of the 7 Companions, Rapiers Point, Oriental Companion, Combat Companion, Arms Companion, Combat Companion, Alchemy Companion, Elemental Companion, etc, etc)
    – a chargen that lists all of the spell lists from all of the additional companions mentioned above
    – a chargen that allows you to print out a well-designed character sheet (for example like Rolemaster Office (but RM Office uses the RMSS rules …. Damn it!)
    – a chargen that allows you to customise/add things into it such as new races, professions etc etc
    There are a whole bunch out there I know (for example all of those listed on the ICE Forums site (I have checked out all of the ones at;dl=cat50) and I am of course aware of ERA, which looks good but doesn’t have the depth (number of professions/spell lists or is able to customised enough for my preference). Also I find the character print out not that great in terms of design or aesthetics.
    I have scoured the internet, often finding what looked to be useful stuff but more than 10 years out of date/unsupported.
    The best I have come across is RMC_CHARGEN (a great piece of work) which does allow you to customise/add to it but I do find it rather clunky and also that it created in Open Office – see
    I would prefer to have RMC_CHARGEN in Excel if possible but I haven’t been able to covert the .ods files to Excel successfully.
    I suspect that I am simply being too fussy/picky (as I guess all GMs want to have their sheet looking “just so” for their games) and my comments regarding others work is not at all meant to be derogatory – many, many gamers have spent a lot of time designing Chargen’s and have been generous to share them with the community.
    As I said I guess I am hunting for a needle in a haystack/or for a unicorn that simply doesn’t exist but I thought I would at least ask if perhaps someone reading this may know of a Chargen that I haven’t come across.
    Please see the attached image in terms of the kind of .pdf character sheet I’d like be able to produce.
    I’d be hugely appreciative if you know of something and could point me in the right direction before I start “reinventing the wheel” and designing my own on.
    Many thanks


  • simon

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work on this website. a better site for ICE i could not imagine. very helpful in finding the holes in my collection and assisting in filling them. cannot say thank you enough for your efforts, most appreciated.

  • Daniel T

    Rolemaster 3-in-1 ISBN is 1-55806-251-3. I found the information on Amazon but unfortunately no copies available 🙁

  • Zachary


    Keep up the good work on this site. It remains the best Rolemaster resource out there.

  • Thanks! I’m glad to hear that the site is proving useful and enjoyable 🙂

  • Mark B

    As a long time collector of ICE products, I was very pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across this website recently via a Google search. This is a beautiful website and a very well-made database, an absolutely essential reference for the collector. Well done, and thanks for doing the hard work and sharing it on the web!

  • Thanks, I’ll get that fixed up tonight

  • Mary

    Rolemaster Companion ll seems to reference Rolemaster Companion.

  • Good to know. I’ll have to add a section to the pages where I can track notes like this on the differences between various printings of the books. I’ve got some info on some of the more major varients but not on most of the minor ones.

  • ShaneG

    Have this: RM2 1300 Character_Law but is 5th edition, 1987 and doesn’t have the stock # line at the top right.

  • Fredrik Derefeldt


    I have found 2 titles for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game by I.C.E. that were never released.

    Before the Goblins
    Greatest of the Forests

    These titles are named on the page 3 in the first book in the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (The Adventure Goes On!)

    Kind regards


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