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December 2023

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I can be reached at my email address of
I’m always happy to get feedback on the site and to try and answer any questions you might have.

I also frequent the ICE Forums so you can post questions and comments there, it’s a great place to get additional information from many long time players.

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  • Jeremy

    Spacemaster; Future Law Errata

    pg. 16 Academic Degree, Communication Skill lists “in up to three skills …….2 (total)

    The math for this is off in this package. I am not sure if it is because of the inappropriately places 3 skills later in the package when it is listed twice in Scientific Analytic or if it is some other sort of typo. Gnerally speaking with packages, it appears that the two skills in up to three skill areas may be due to the 2 needing to be a 5.

    Respectfully, Jeremy

  • where would you guys suggest going to sell off my MERP ICE collection? I have some rare birds like Ardor and Umbar among other nice ones. The collection is worth about $895 current low-end pricing.

  • Actually this is just a personal website, not a company website. The company website for most of the games referenced here is

  • Evelyss

    Is there such thing as job openings in your company perhaps? For artwork for the games you produce, for example:)

  • Thanks! I’ll have to pull that information back into this site then. But for now the link to the Web Archive will work well.

  • Cernid Win

    on the Errata page the site:
    is sadly not there anymore and the domain seems to be fallen in the hands of a domaingrabber
    its still availiable on

  • brent

    ebay is the only place I’ve been able to get hold of them.
    You could also try Noble Knight Games ( or Titan Games ( as they usually have some MERP materials, although I don’t recall seeing the Tolkien Quest books listed.

  • Mark

    Really appreciate your website, it’s fantastically clear.

    any advse as to the best way I might get hold of any Tolkein Questsolo role playing books? I guess theyre out of print. Are there any sites that specialis in selling this/MERP materials?

    Thanks again for the site and your time

  • brent

    I don’t actually sell anything from this site, but if you check out the EM4 Miniatures link or the link in the sidebar, I think they sell the plastic bases.

  • Andrew

    I would like to know if you sell the plastic hexed bases from Silent death miniatures in bags. How many bases in one bag. Price?. Shipping cost to Spain?


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