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Bladestorm Boxed Set Fantasy Miniatures Gaming Cover

Product Line: Shadow World
Product Edition: BS
Product Name: Bladestorm Boxed Set Fantasy Miniatures Gaming
Product Type: World and Rules
Author: ICE
Stock #: 7500
ISBN: 1-55806-136-3
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 262+maps
Release Date: 1990
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Box Set 1990

Bladestorm Boxed Set Fantasy Miniatures Gaming at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
“Taste our steel, troll-girl!”
” Swim in your own blood, feather-boys!” “Ha! We’ll bathe in yours by storm-fall!”
The Bladelands: a vast and unexplored wilderness shrouded within a mantle of ferocious magical gales called Bladestorms. Into these wilds comes a host of adventurers, warriors, pirates, explorers, prospectors, freebooters, traders, and settlers. Here, a battle can decide the fate of a budding tribe or nation. A small group can conquer and forge an empire. It’s an ideal setting for a miniatures game.
Bladestorm is a “skirmish-style” miniatures game. Each figure represents one person or creature. Simple and fast-paced, it’s a raw, hard-edged game with an emphasis on action and color. Bladestorm is designed to stand alone; you never need a referee. Use the Bladestorm rules to fight minatures battles set in virtually any fantasy world.
Fun and easy to play, Bladestorm capturess a dangerous, chaotic, unexplored quality – the same sensation Cortez felt when he stepped off the boat in Mexico and banged back his first Margarita. It’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Bladestorm is fully supported by a complete line of miniatures from Grenadier Models. Based on ICE’s designs, these unique fantasy miniatures are among the best ever made. Tough, hard-edged, and dramatic, these miniatures are cool to paint and fun to use. Look for them at better game and hobby stores throughout the known world.

Bladestorm is easy to play, and you get a ton of material. This box contains:

• 64 page BLADESTORM RULESBOOK containing simple, concise introductory guidelines, as well as a host of standard and optional rules which are perfect for full-blown battles.

• 160 page BLADELANDS SOURCEBOOK containing everything you need to know about the Warring Holds, the setting for the scenarios. You also get 26 scenarios, so you can jump right into battle.

• 32 page COLOR GUIDEBOOK containing 18 color plates, a miniatures painting guide, photos of scenario dioramas and full color banners.

• 32 page SCENARIO BOOK containing blank forms, ready-to-play scenarios, and cut-out terrain forms and markers.

• 8 pages of color maps ideal for constructing new scenarios and campaigns.

• 8 page terrain and painting building manual. 6 six-sided and 2 ten-sided DICE.

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