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Death Game 2090 Cover

Product Line: Cyberspace
Product Edition: CS
Product Name: Death Game 2090
Product Type: Adventure
Author: W.G. Armintrout
Stock #: 5106
ISBN: 1-55806-132-0
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 48
Release Date: 1990
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $9.00 1990
PDF $5.00 28-Jan-05
PDF $5.00 27-Oct-11

Death Game 2090 at DriveThruRPG
Death Game 2090 at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
If the Sprawl had a heart, its blood would flow through the doors of the Uniqorn Qlub.
Everyone who is anyone eventually makes their way here; to score a deal or make a connection. It’s built on a foundation of electric tension and deep within is a mixture of adrenalin and sweat, lust and death, great vibrations and sour whiskey. The Uniqorn Qlub is a place where great adventures begin, and this one starts with the latest in ActiStim technology: it is the Death Game 2090. Stimmers Beware!
Cyber Space Cyberventure Mission File #2
Death Game 2090
This Cyberventure Mission File provides all you need to run a set of linked adventures using the Cyberspace’ game system. You’ll find sample player characters along with an array of stimspace characters for use in the Death Game. Each adventure section also provides the Gamemaster with background, NPC dossiers, and all the schematics you’ll need for each of the following linked scenarios:

• Uniqorn Qlub: Here players are thrust into their roles as heroic characters in the realm of Stimspace.
• Stimtesters: Will the players be recruited by Stimular Enterprises, the leader in ActiStim technology?
• Back to Reality: What will the players think of their exposure to the next generation of ActiStim games?
• Endgame: The players have been taken advantage of. Now it’s payback time in the Death Game.

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