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Perils on the Sea of Rhûn Cover

Product Line: MERP
Product Edition: M1
Product Name: Perils on the Sea of Rhûn
Product Type: Ready-to-Run Adventure Module
Author: William B. Field, Peter G. Strassun
Stock #: 8110
ISBN: 1-55806-032-4
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 32
Release Date: 1989
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $6.00 1989

Perils on the Sea of Rhûn at Noble Knight Games (Used)
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Printing and Edition Ref – 8110 Perils on the Sea of Rhûn
Cover/Jacket Text:
Three low-to-mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes.

The renowned vessel, Ocean Noise is embarking on her last run of the season across the Sea of Rhûn. The captain has hired three new crew members for his aging ship. All are well-seasoned, but the winter is fierce, and evil is in the wind. Will you be aboard to witness a Murder on the High Seas?

A kidnapper abducts Princess Herufara and sails to a ruined tower above the cliffs of a treacherous shore. The Ocean Noise pursues the villains, but can drop anchor for only a day. At next tide, the captain must abandon the chase and continue his voyage. Are you daring enough To Rescue A Princess?

A Court Adept is tormented by dark visions off ill-doing, and departs the palace in search of their meaning – but his found brutally murdered! The Realm-master sends adventures and a princess on the Ocean Noise to consult the mages at an ancient tower. On this long, cold journey to a desolate shore, can you uncover the secret of The Watch Tower Massacre?

Face assassins, the Cult of the Long Night, and Sauron’s minions as you brave the Perils on the Sea of Rhûn in these 3 exciting adventures!

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