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Run Out the Guns Adventure Kit (Boxed) Cover

Product Line: Miscellaneous/Multiple
Product Edition: MISC
Product Name: Run Out the Guns Adventure Kit (Boxed)
Product Type: Campaign Setting
Author: J. Hawkins, T. McGovern
Stock #: 4000
ISBN: 1-55806-365-X
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: ? 220 + play aids
Release Date: 1998
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Box Set $30.00 1998

Run Out the Guns Adventure Kit (Boxed) at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Helmsman, hard to starboard and bring the guns to bear!
Make ready to…
Run out the guns!
Adventure Kit
A Game of Adventure on the High Seas
Within this box is a complete game that provides all you and your friends need for hundreds of hours of fantastic adventure in the 17th Century pirate realms of the Caribbean. Run Out the Guns! offers rich settings, simple rules, and an intuitive style of gaming. In no time at all, you and your players will become swashbuckling freebooters, risking all for a chance at Spanish gold….
Adventure :Kits—an Exciting New Concept in Ready-to-Play Role Playing
Now, you can host your own voyages of adventure. Adventure Kits contain everything required for players and gamemasters to experience the thrill of role playing with a minimum of preparation time. Adventure Kits focus on setting and character backgrounds; allowing players an exciting degree of freedom in exploring their environment as well as their characters. With Run Out the Guns!, you will soon have your players, whether experienced or novices, standing on their chairs and shouting at enemy ships just beyond gun range!
A streamlined system that provides for hundreds of possible characters—each with a unique feel and flavor.
A fast-paced combat system that handles swashbuckling as well as cannon fire upon ships!
Details on the nature of life as a sailor, as well as life in and around the various ports in the Caribbean—how ships were provisioned, the nature of medicine, how ship-to-ship combat was conducted, and more.
A detailed, color map of the Caribbean for the Gamemasters, as well as artistically rendered maps for the players to use on their sea voyages.
Details on more than half a dozen period sailing ships—rangini. from the lowly Flute to the grand Galleon.
Guidelines on how to expand Run Out the Guns! using the Rolemaster Standard System (also available from ICE).

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