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10 Million Ways to Die Cover

Product Line: Miscellaneous/Multiple
Product Edition: MISC
Product Name: 10 Million Ways to Die
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author: ICE
Stock #: 5705
ISBN: 1-55806-374-9
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 112
Release Date: 1999
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $16.00 1999
PDF $8.00 10-Dec-04

Cover/Jacket Text:
A gory end for every foe!
The city was abnormally quiet. Bennet could hear water dripping from a pipe somewhere. He wondered if his next breakout would feature plumbing… the last three had been all too wet! Wait a sec. That’s no leak. It’s a footstep!
Bennet whirled and wished he’s loosened his first throwing knife a little sooner. How many? More than five! This was going to be worse than ugly. They’d overpower him, rather than killing him quick. The gangs on this turf always liked a good torture show. He’d die 10 million deaths and then they’d put him down… better be too lethal for their fun!
Your sword cuts deep into an enemy’s quadricep and blood fountains 4 feet high. Does he expire immediately? Or can he deliver one last amazing stroke that takes your head from your shoulders, helmet and all?
A nicely placed arrow takes down your foe’s mount. Is her neck broken? Or does she roll to her feet and let loose 3 throwingstars that cause your voicebox to part company with your throat?
This ultimate combat sourcebook answers such questions in heartstopping detail. Use it with any RPG system! A multitude of weapons, critical results, and suggestions for realism in fist fights, duels, battle axe versus battle axe, and more.
More cool things inside:
• Detailed critical results
• Weapons & attacks for all eras
• Conversions for major RPGs
• Complete combat rules
Dice ’em to death!

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