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Rolemaster Box #1 Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM1
Product Name: Rolemaster Box #1
Product Type:
Author: ICE
Stock #: 1000
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: ? 220
Release Date: 1982
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Box Set $34.00 1982

Rolemaster Box #1 at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Note: I have discovered that there are at least three version of the box set with this cover, the one described here is the last set, earlier sets contain the parchment versions of Arms Law & Claw Law and the earlier versions of Spell Law with separate booklets. I will be posting more details as I work them out.

Cover/Jacket Text:
The Fantasy Role-playing game system from Iron Crown Enterprises has just been completely revised and reformatted) While the content and rules systems themselves remain the same, the individual components have been reformatted and reorganized to become a more Integral whole. ROLEMASTER includes the following:

ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW: All the Rolemaster Arms and Animals combat systems combined in one volume! These fast-moving rules still include individual charts for 30 weapons, as well as critical tables for different types of strikes, maneuver tables, and fumble tables. In addition, Claw Law is included, with its detailed information on the varying strike patterns of different real and mythical beasts, as well es complete Martial Arts rules.

SPELL LAW: Assembled into a single 116 page book, Spell Law is now a single mighty tome of magic. Including over 2000 spells and their descriptions, Spell Law provides spells for 15 character classes in three realms of power, divided and color-coded within the book. Also found within are detailed alchemy rules, individual spell attack tables for Elemental spells (Ice Bolt, Fire Ball, etc.) critical tables for the elements (heat, cold, electricity) and a workable spell-point system, as well as rules for the use of magic items.

CHARACTER LAW: A masterful set of guidelines for fantasy role-playing character development. Includes 19 character classes with both potential and temporary stats. Unique trait development system allows all characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. Character’s background (class) determines the degree of effort (cost) it takes to develop a skill – there are no absolute restrictions. Optional special maneuver tables and rules for movement, healing herbs, poisons, diseases, magic breads, etc. Handy player character and GM record charts, development tables, equipment lists, and monetary charts:

NOW INCLUDING A LOREMASTER MODULE! This Rolemaster boxed set includes as a bonus the adventure module Vog Mur, one of the Loremaster Series of adventure and campaign aids. Travel to the temperate southern isles and discover the frightening, ancient secret of Ordye Throg. Face the terror which walks the dark corridors of the Mausoleum of Gart, deep below the green vales of Vog Mur.

This series of campaign & adventure modules are designed specifically for use with the ROLEMASTER fantasy role playing game system. The world of LOREMASTER is dotted with clusters of islands and small continents. Myriad cultures and peoples lie separated by sheer mountains, treacherous reefs, and the powerful but invisible Flows of Essence. Churning like ocean tides under the Five Moons, the Essence ebbs and flows, its eddys and currents dictating unseen barriers and centers of power. Some have learned to tap into that power. Travel across the world is perilous, though some have made it an art: the aloof navigators will transport anyone anywhere — for a fee. And of course, there are the mysterious, saged Loremasters, keepers of the old knowledge and consummate wielders of the Essence. It is they who lead the ongoing fight against the Unlife and its twisted servants. The LOREMASTER Series: THE CLOUDLORDS OF TANARA, THE SHADE OF THE SINKING PLAIN, THE IRON WIND, and VOG MUR. Upcoming Modules: CYNOR: the Cursed Oasis; and THE GATES OF GEHAENNA.

No Campaign Law in first boxed set

These are the items included in this boxed set:

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