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Arms Law & Claw Law Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM2
Product Name: Arms Law & Claw Law
Product Type: RPG Rules
Author: ICE
Stock #: 1100
ISBN: 1-55806-090-1
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 96
Release Date: 1989
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $12.00 1989
PDF $10.00 10-Aug-06

Arms Law & Claw Law at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Arms Law & Claw Law” is the highly: acclaimed combat system that improves any game and serves as one of the three cornerstones of the Rolemaster system. Now reformatted and reorganized, AL&CL adds flavor, real-ism, and depth to your campaign without sacrificing playability. Feel the thrill of melee, brace against a monster’s charge, master the martial arts, let your arrow fly—do battle with the best combat system around, AL&CL!

Arms Law & Claw Law provides:
• A fantastic medieval melee and missile combat system with a Fumble table, a Maneuver table, individual tack tables for thirty weapons and statistics for a dozen more
• A dozen attack tables that integrate the size, instincts, and fighting pat terns of a wide variety of animals monsters, and martial artists
• Ten Critical Strike Tables: Slash Puncture, Crush, Grapple, Unbalance, Tiny Animals, Large Creatures,: Super-Large Creatures & 2 Martial Arts Tables
• Comprehensive rules cover every essential aspect of armed and unarmed combat in a FRP environment: fumbles, parrying, moving, Maneuver, critical damage, first swing determination, orientation, armor, and much more
• Rules and tables designed to be based as part of Rolemaster or as the combat system for other FRP games
Rolemaster gamers now have an entire fantasy world at their fingertips. Shadow World products form a rich fantasy environment for the Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero game systems. The self-contained adventures may also be used as isolated or hidden areas in any Gamemaster’s campaign world.
The completely reformatted Rolemaster system also includes the following:
• Spell Law® — The magic system that improves any FRP game! The new edition of Spell Law® has over 2000 spell descriptions based on 3 realms of power and 15 professions. It provides alchemy rules, spell attack and failure tables, and a unique spell-learning structure.
• Character Law & Campaign Law — The new version of the complete character development and campaign guide! Character Law features a unique trait development system that allows characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restrictions. Campaign Law includes handy reference material invaluable to any Gamemaster: weather, encounter, and price charts, and guidelines for running a campaign in a complex living world.
Rolemaster, a cut above the rest!

For a detailed look at the various versions of Arms Law and Claw Law from 1980 to 2003, checkout my Evolution of Arms Law article (pdf)

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