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Arms Companion Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM2
Product Name: Arms Companion
Product Type: Supplement
Author: S. Berenburg
Stock #: 1120
ISBN: 1-55806-180-0
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 128
Release Date: 1993
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $15.00 1993

Arms Companion at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Arms Companion is the latest volume of optional material for Rolemaster. Its focus is the warrior—the sword-swinging, muscle-bound champion that so often saves the day and proves to be the backbone of the fantasy genre. The material in the Arms Companion will add versatility, depth, and even a few new abilities to this honorable (and, often, not-so-honorable) profession.
Arms Companion contains:
• New weapon attack tables and new critical strike tables.
• New options for combat maneuvers.
• Dozens of new skills.
• New weapons and equipment.
• New background options for fighters and thieves.
• Guidelines for new (non-spell user) groups and organizations that can effect a character’s development and background.
• Rules for customizing existing professions to fit character backgrounds and specializations.
• Rules for thieves, traps, and subterfuge.
• An entirely unique system for aiming blows and called shots, along with a system that allows characters to mix armor types.

Rolemaster gamers now have an entire fantasy world at their fingertips. Shadow World products form a rich fantasy environment for the Rolemaster game system. Join the inhabitants of Kulthea, a world where remnants of a lost civilization clash with dark forces of the present. But all live in fear of the devastating Flow Storms, inderdimensional rifts bringing terrors from another universe. The self-contained adventures may also be used as isolated or hidden areas in any Gamemaster’s campaign world.

The completely reformatted 2nd edition Rolemaster system includes the following:
• Arms Law® & Claw Law® — The Rolemaster Arms and Animals combat systems combined in a new, reorganized volume. These fast-moving rules include individual charts for 30 weapons and critical strike tables, as well as detailed creature attacks for real and mythical beasts. Martial arts rules also are included.
• Character Law & Campaign Law”‘ — The new version of the complete character development and campaign guide. Character Law features a unique trait development system that allows characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restrictions. Campaign Law includes handy reference material available to any Gamemaster: weather, encounter, and price charts, and guidelines for running a campaign in a complex, living world.
• Spell Law” — The magic system that improves any FRP game! The new edition of Spell Law has over 2,000 spell descriptions based on three realms of power and 15 professions. It provides alchemy rules, spell attack and failure tables, and a unique spell-learning structure.

Table of Contents:


1.1 Designers' Notes

1.2 Notation 

1.3 Arms Companion's Optional Rules


2.1 Background Packages

2.1.1 An Introduction to Background Packages (JAB)

2.1.2 Creating Background Packages (JAB) 

2.1.3 Guidelines for Creating

Background Packages (JAB) 

2.1.4 Custom Background Package Blueprint (SB) 

2.1.5 General Mercenaries and Soldiers

in Military Organizations

• Mercenary Groups (Turk)

• Military Organizations (Turk)

• Military and Mercenary Spoils Chart (SB)

• Discharged Militia and Mercenary Wounds Chart (SB)

2.1.6 Examples of Pre-made Background Packages 

• The Central Guard (SB)

• The Five Houses of Nyanja-Ree (SB)

• The Treewraiths ofMillioch (JAB) 

•The Demons of Karawnah (JAB)

• The Black Cape (SB)

• The Forondrham (JAB)

• Society of Templars (SB)

• The Seven Swordsman (JAB)

2.2 The Warrior Type (SB)

2.3 Custom Professions (JAB) 

2.3.1 Custom Profession Generation (JAB)

2.3.2 Creating a Custom Profession (JAB)

2.3.3 Examples of Custom Professions 

• Horseman (SB)

• Indurate (JAB)

• Outrider (JAB)

• Templar (SB)

• Trench Fighter (Dwarven Warrior) (SB)

• Hunter (CR)

• Specialists (WRB)

Swordsman — Archel — Shaikan — Lancer


3.1 Overcoming Penalties with Self Discipline (SB) 

3.2 Optional Racial Bonuses and Maximums (SB)


4.1 Large and Super Large Critical Resolution (SB)

4.2 Optional Offense Bonuses and Penalties (SB)

4.3 Combat Languages (JAB)

4.4 Experienced Attack Bonus (SB)

4.5 Cauterizing Wounds (SB)

4.6 Ripping-Tearing Critical (SB)

4.7 Close Quarters Combat (SB)

4.8 Weapons Use (WRB)

4.9 Options for "Attacking to Subdue"

4.10 Causing Exhaustion in Melee (SB) 

4.11 Attack Speed Variances (SB)

4.12 Restricted Area Combat (SB) 

4.13 Unusual Weapon Styles (WRB/SB) 

4.14 Initiative Modifiers Revisited (WRB)

4.15 Strategic Targetting

4.15.1 Damage by Location (SB)

4.15.2 Random Body Hit Location Chart (SB)

4.15.3 Strategic Targetting (SB) 

4.16 The Stance-Based Initiative System (DC&CD)


5.1 Enhanced Armor, Enhanced DB (TURK)

5.2 Armor Pick and Choose (SB)

5.3 Donning and Doffing Armor Revisited (SB)

5.4 Helmets (TURK) 

5.5 Options for Armor and Helmets (TURK) 

5.6 Multiple Shield DB Modifications (SB)

5.7 Optional Armor Thicknesses (SB) 

5.8 Sollerets (SB)

5.9 Maintenance and Breakage (SB)


6.1 Sword Breakers (SB)

6.2 Three Bladed Daggers (SB)

6.3 Optional Rules for Wavy Blades (TURK)

6.4 Brodrack (SB)

6.5 Mecthar (SB)

6.6 Stiletto (SB)

6.7 Metal Whip (PP)

6.8 Battle Hammer (SB)

6.9 Estock (SB)

6.10 Hilt Gauntlets (SB)

6.11 Tebuje (SB) 

6.12 Great Sword (WRB)

6.13 Kitee'(SB)

6.14 Barbed Spear Heads (SB) 

6.15 Battle Adze (SB)

6.16 Executioner's Swords (SB) 

6.17 Arrows (SB) 

6.17.1 New Arrows

6.17.2 Mass Changes for Arrows 

6.17.3 Bow Ranges Revisted

6.17.4 Optional OB Modifiers for Fletchings

6.18 Crossbow Reloaders (SB)

6.19 Optional Bow/Crossbow Strength Mods (SB)

6.20 Arbalest (SB)

6.21 Stone Bow-Stone Crossbow (SB) 

6.22 Optional Rules for Crossbows (SB) 

6.23 Armor and Weapon Quality (SB)

6.24 More Mass—More OB (SB) 

6.25 Sheaths (SB)

6.26 Sheath Hangers (SB) 

6.27 Attack with Torch (PP/SB)

6.28 Weapon Statistic Modifiers (WRB)

6.29 Weapon Speed Modifiers (WRB) 

6.30 Siege Weapons (SB)

6.31 Irritants (SB)

6.32 Armor Mounted Weapons (SB)

6.33 Weapon Maintenance in Relation to

Breakage & Damage (KS) 

6.34 Rare and Exotic Weapons (TURK)

6.35 Hidden / Sudden Strike Weapons (SB)

6.36 Multi-Purpose Weapons (SB)

6.37 Take-Apart-Weapons (SB)

6.38 Disguised Weapons (SB)

6.39 Mercury Filled Weapons (SB)

6.40 Custom Made Weapons (SB) 


7.1 Combat Styles (JAB) 

7.2 Indirect Fire (Non-Line-Of-Sight Combat) (SB) 

7.3 Bushwhacking (JAB)

7.4 Optional Modifiers for Airborne and Seaborne Combat (JAB) 

7.4.1 Airborne Combat Modifiers 

7.4.2 Seaborne Combat Modifiers 

7.5 General Tips (TURK)


8.1 New Skills 

Adrenal Spell Avoidance - Airborne Combat - Awakening

- Battle Perception - Blind Rghting - Calisthenics - Closing

- Cryptography - Defensive Weaving - Dentistry

- Directed Strength - Distract Foe- Donning & Doffing Armor

- Endurance - Feinting - Focus - Holding Breath - Honing

- Hygiene - Increase Wounds - Instinctive Maneuver

- Intimidation - Jesting - Looting - Melee Scuffle - Mind Block

- Moving Strike - Portaging - Prepared Shot - Presence Projection

- RAC - Seaborne Combat - Sniping - Special Martial Arts Attacks

- Spell Deflection - Spell Perception - Strategic Targeting

- Taunting - Trick Shot - Unhorsing - Way of the Warrior

- Weapon and Armor Maintenance - Weapon Brawling

- Weapon Casting - Weapon Shatter-Weapon Snare

- Weapon Trickery - Weapons Use - Whip Grapple

8.2 New Options For Old Skills (SB)

8.2.1 Optional Effects of Exhaustion on Skills (SB) 

8.2.2 Optional Stalk and Hide Modifiers (SB) 

8.2.3 Optionas for High Speed Gymnastic Skills (SB) 

8.2.4 First Aid Implements (SB)


9.1 Trap Building and Types of Traps (SB)

9.2 Detect Traps vs. Magic Traps (SB) 

9.3 Tools of Thieves (SB) 

9.4 Thieves Code (SB) 


10.1 Honor (TURK) 

10.2 Optional Herbs and Poisons (SB, WRB)

10.3 Apprenticing (SB) 

10.4 Warrior Background Table #1 (SB)

10.5 Warrior Background Table #2 (DC&CD)

10.6 Hobby Picks Revisited (SB)


11.1 Military and Militia (TURK)

11.2 Mercenaries (TURK)

11.3 Mercenary Groups (TURK)

11.4 Gladiator Schools (SB)

11.5 Assassin's Guilds (SB)

11.6 Lords and Lieges (SB)

11.7 Archtypes (TURK)

• The Mercenary

• The Grunt

• The Levyman

• The Knight (Samurai/Housecarl)

• The Holy Warrior

• The Duelist

11.8 Chronicals of Norwin the Red (SB)


12.1 Using the New Large and

Super Large Critical Tables (DC&CD). 

12.1.1 Large Creature Krush Critical Strike Table. 

12.1.2 Large Creature Puncture Critical Strike Table 

12.1.3 Large Creature Slash Critical Strike Table 

12.1.4 Super Large Creature

Krush Critical Strike Table. 

12.1.5 Super Large Creature

Puncture Critical Strike Table 

12.1.6 Super Large Creature

Slash Critical Strike Table 

12.1.7 Large & Super Large Creature

Non-Weapon Critical Strike Table 

12.2 Other Critical Strike Tables

12.2.1 Strategic Targeting Critical Strike Table

12.2.2 Pummeling Critical Strike Table 

12.2.3 Tearing / Ripping Critical Strike Table 

12.3 New Attack Tables

12.3.1 Arbalest Attack Table 

12.3.2 Estock Attack Table

12.3.3 Battle Attack Table 

12.3.4 Metal Whip Attack Table 

12.3.5 Tebuje Attack Table




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