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At Rapier

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM2
Product Name: At Rapier’s Point
Product Type: Genre Book
Author: Kevin Scrivner
Stock #: 1304
ISBN: 1-55806-189-4
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 128
Release Date: 1993
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $14.00 1993
PDF $7.00 15-Feb-11

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At Rapier’s Point at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
En Garde! True adventure awaits those willing to risk everything for fame, fortune, and honor. If you enjoy intrigue among the world’s most powerful people, climactic battles with arch villains, and swooping in to save the day at the very last minute, then you, my friend, were born to be a swashbuckling hero!
At Rapier’s Point presents a whole new facet to your role playing campaign – that of daring escapes, duels , for honor, and swashbuckling fun. This book presents the era of Musketeers, chivalrous outlaws, and masked avengers who fight for justice, glory and the King. Players will find new professions unique to the genre, rules for fencing, muskets and pistols, and swashbuckling maneuvers.
For Gamemasters, everything you need to know about 17th Century Europe to either base a historical game there, or to model a fantasy game around, can be found within At Rapier’s Point. You’ll also find sections on incorporating a swashbuckling setting into an existing fantasy campaign.
At Rapier’s Point Includes:
• Five new professions including the Religious Dissident and the Scientist.
• Rolemaster rules for black powder firearms and explosives.
• More than twenty five historical and fictional NPCs.
• Guidelines on the culture, history and people in the swashbuckling era.
• Four full-length scenarios, five short scenarios, and sample character backgrounds.
• Suggestions for incorporating swashbuckling adventure into fantasy, science fiction, Arabian nights, oriental, and other types of campaigns.

Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Character Creation

2.1 Standard Professions

2.2 New Professions

2.3 Skills

2.4 Magic and Spellcasting

3.0 Roleplaying

3.1 Creating Character Backgrounds

3.2 Weapons and Equipment

4.0 Combat

4.1 Battle Round Sequence

4.2 Exceptions to the Battle Round Sequence

4.3. Firearms

4.4. Overwhelming Advantage

4.5 Grenades and Explosives 

4.6 Fencing

4.7 Other Weapons

4.8 Armor

4.9 Special Combat Situations 

5.0 Gamemastering

5.1 Getting Started 

5.2 Designing Scenarios

5.3 Running the Senario

5.4 Historical Considerations

6.0 The Swashbuckling Genre

6.1 Adventures

6.2 Swashbuckling Subgenres

6.3 NPC Roles 

6.4 Swashbuckling Bits

7.0 Adapting At Rapier's Point To An Existing Fantasy Campaign

7.1 Changes

7.2 When Worlds Collide

7.3 Sample Setting: Gaulica

8.0 Overview/History

8.1 Setting

8.2 History

9.0 People and Culture of the 17th Century

9.1 Opponents 

9.2 Role of Women

9.3 Entertainment and the Arts

9.4 Marriage and Family Life

9.5 Religion

9.6 Crime and Law Enforcement

9.7 Science and Medicine

9.8 Magic and Superstition

9.9 Money and Trade

9.10 Warfare in the 1600s

10.0 People of the 17th Century

10.1 Historical Figures

10.2 Fictional Characters

10.3 NPC Stats

11.0 The Setting

11.1 France

11.2 England

11.3 The Rest of Europe

12.0 Treasures

13.0 Scenarios

13.1 His Emminence's Envoys

13.2 Hour of Need

13.3 For His Own Good

13.4 A Woman Scorned

13.5 Miniscenarios

13.6 Adventure Ideas

13.7 Sample Character Backgrounds and Campaign

14.0 Suggested Reading/Viewing

14.1 Books

14.2 Viewing

14.3 Bibliography

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