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Rolemaster Classic: The Essentials Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMC
Product Name: Rolemaster Classic: The Essentials
Product Type:
Author: ICE
Stock #: 6506
Publisher: ICE
Page Count:
Release Date: 20-Nov-08
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
CD $70.00 20-Nov-08

Rolemaster Classic: The Essentials at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Rolemaster, the greatest RPG system of all time, pioneered many of today?s gaming concepts and still sets the platinum standard for fantasy RPG systems

Now you can get all the essential Rolemaster Classic titles in PDF format on a single CD-ROM:

RMC Character Law: Great games begin with great characters.With 22 professions, dozens of skills to choose from, and an interesting racial mix, Character Law will get your fledgling hero off to a great start.

RMC Arms Law: Arms Law is an FRPG combat system that leaves you shaking and bragging to your friends about your character?s exploits. If you are looking for combat system with criticals and fumbles to add an new edge to your gaming, then check out Arms Law.

RMC Spell Law: (Spell Lists for 15 professions, that give new meaning to the word magic. Thousands of spells, plus spell critical and fumbles. From, subtle, to sophisticated magic, to raw power, Spell Law has it all.

RMC Creatures and Treasures: No RPG is complete without monsters. Extraordinary characters require extraordinary challenges, and you?ll find plenty of worthy opponents for your players in Creatures & Treasures.

RMC Combat Companion: includes: 3 New Professions, Armor by the Piece Rules which completely change how armor works for Rolemaster. Combat Styles – Rules for building your own combat styles from the ground up and New Attack and Critical Tables

Rolemaster Express: Based upon the Rolemaster Classic rules, Rolemaster Express brings you all the excitement of Rolemaster in a small, streamlined simple to use package. Rolemaster Express brings you everything you need to begin playing Rolemaster today!

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