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Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMFRP
Product Name: Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing
Product Type: RPG Rules
Author: ICE
Stock #: 5800
ISBN: 1-55806-550-4
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 256
Release Date: 1999
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Hardcover $30.00 1999
Softcover $35.00 2003
PDF $17.50 11-Jun-04
Hardcover $48.00 27-May-05
Cloth Bound 21-Aug-09
PDF $20.00 30-May-11

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Note: A full review of this book can be found [here]

Cover/Jacket Text:
Prepare yourself! You are about to begin your journey toward the ultimate fantasy role playing adventure! We know you have great stories to tell and fascinating characters to play. So do your fantasy justice and use the most flexible rules around: Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing.
Why have your grand tales limited by the rules you use? Choose the system which tells your story your way. Rolemaster has been the system of choice for GMs and players for almost 20 years. They choose Rolemaster because it gives them exactly what they need for their role playing adventures. You too can now join the enlightened.
Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing is easier than ever to understand and all you need to play the game – combat, character creation, and spell casting – can be found in the pages of this one book! Other supplements can be purchased to add as much detail or flavor as you prefer, but all the required rules are here.
Rolemaster is back and better than ever!

Table of Contents:

How to Use Rolemaster 
Key Concepts and Mechanisms
Calculation & Dice Rolling Conventions
Other Products
1.0 Character Concept
2.0 The Initial Choices
3.0 Stats
4.0 Adolescence Skill Development
5.0 Background Options
6.0 Apprenticeship Skill Development
  6.1 Standard DP Costs
  6.2 Variable DP Costs
  6.3 Training Packages 
  6.4 Extra Stat Gain Rolls
  6.5 The Skill and Skill Categories
7.0 Your Character's Role 
8.0 Final Character Preparation
  8.1 Totaling the Bonuses 
  8.2 Level, Experience Points, & Age
  8.3 Outfitting
  8.4 Miscellaneous Factors
9.0 Experience & Advancing Levels
10.0 The Actions
11.0 Sequencing Actions in a Round
12.0 Attacks
13.0 Static Maneuvers
14.0 Casting Spells
15.0 Moving Maneuvers
16.0 Movement
17.0 Resistance Rolls
18.0 Special Situations
  18.1 Surprise
  18.2 Facing 
  18.3 Awareness 
  18.4 Orientation 
  18.5 Communication Between Characters
  18.6 Conflicting Actions
  18.7 Opportunity Action
  18.8 Canceling Actions 
  18.9 Stunned Maneuvers 
  18.10 Multi-round Action
  18.11 Haste and Speed
  18.12 Spell Preparation and Casting 
  18.13 Missile Fire in Melee 
  18.14 Melee vs. Melee Initiative
  18.15 Mounted Combat
  18.16 Weight Penalties 
  18.17 Encumbered Movement 
  18.18 Exhaustion 
19.0 The Plot
20.0 The Non-player Characters
21.0 The Setting 
22.0 Adventure & Activities in the Strategic Environment
23.0 Awarding Experience Points
  23.1 Experience Point Multipliers 
  23.2 Basic Experience Point Categories
24.0 Miscellaneous Topics
  24.1 Injury, Death, and Healing 
  24.2 Magic Items
  24.3 Religion
  24.4 Economics 
  24.5 Other Topics
  24.6 Customizing Rolemaster
A-1 Races
  A-1.1 Common Men
  A-1.2 High Men
  A-1.3 Wood Elves
  A-1.4 Dwarves
  A-1.5 Halflings
A-2 Professions
  A-2.1 Fighter
  A-2.2 Thief
  A-2.3 Rogue 
  A-2.4 Magician
  A-2.5 Cleric
  A-2.6 Mentalist
  A-2.7 Ranger
  A-2.8 Dabbler
  A-2.9 Bard
A-3 Stats
A-4 Skills
  A-4.1 Armor Skill Categories 
  A-4.2 Artistic Skill Categories 
  A-4.3 Athletic Skill Categories
  A-4.4 Awareness Skill Categories 
  A-4.5 Body Development Skill Category 
  A-4.6 Combat Maneuvers Skill Category 
  A-4.7 Communication Skill Category 
  A-4.8 Crafts Skill Category
  A-4.9 Directed Spells Skill Category 
  A-4.10 Influence Skill Category
  A-4.11 Lore Skill Categories
  A-4.12 Martial Arts • Striking Skill Category 
  A-4.13 Outdoor Skill Categories? 
  A-4.14 Power Awareness Skill Category 
  A-4.15 Power Point Development Skill Category 
  A-4.16 Science/Analytic Skill Categories
  A-4.17 Self Control Skill Category 
  A-4.18 Spells Skill Categories 
  A-4.19 Subterfuge Skill Categories 
  A-4.20 Technical/Trade Skill Categories
  A-4.21 Urban Skill Category 
  A-4.22 Weapon Skill Categories
A-5 Training Packages 
  A-5.1 Adventurer (L)
  A-5.2 Amateur Mage (L)
  A-5.3 Animal Friend (L)
  A-5.4 Burglar (V)
  A-5.5 City Guard (V)
  A-5.6 Doctor (V)
  A-5.7 Herbalist (V)
  A-5.8 Hunter (L)
  A-5.9 Knight (L)
  A-5.10 Loremaster (V)
  A-5.11 Merchant (V) 
  A-5.12 Performer (V)
  A-5.13 Scout (V)
  A-5.14 Soldier (V) 
  A-5.15 Traveller (V)
A-6 Role Traits
A-7 Equipment 
   Accessory Chart 
   Armor Chart
   Transport Chart
   Food, Lodging, and Services Chart 
   Weapon Chart
   Herb Chart, Poison Chart 
A-8 Creatures
A-9 Spells and Spell Lists
  A-9.1 The Realms of Power 
  A-9.2 Using Spell Lists 
  A-9.3 The Spell Description Key
  A-9.4 What's on a Spell List
  A-9.5 Open Channeling Spell Lists
    A-9.5.1 Barrier Law 
    A-9.5.2 Concussion's Way 
    A-9.5.3 Detection Mastery
    A-9.5.4 Light's Way
    A-9.5.5 Lofty Movement
    A-9.5.6 Nature's Law
    A-9.5.7 Purifications 
    A-9.5.8 Sound's Way 
    A-9.5.9 Spell Defense 
    A-9.5.10 Weather Ways 
  A-9.6 Closed Channeling Spell Lists
    A-9.6.1 Blood Law 
    A-9.6.2 Bone Law
    A-9.6.3 Calm Spirits 
    A-9.6.4 Creations
    A-9.6.5 Locating Ways
    A-9.6.6 Lore
    A-9.6.7 Muscle Law
    A-9.6.8 Nerve Law 
    A-9.6.9 Organ Law
    A-9.6.10 Symbolic Ways
  A-9.7 Cleric Base Spell Lists
    A-9.7.1 Channels 
    A-9.7.2 Communal Ways
    A-9.7.3 Life Mastery
    A-9.7.4 Protections
    A-9.7.5 Repulsions
    A-9.7.6 Summons
  A-9.8 Ranger Base Spell Lists
    A-9.8.1 Inner Walls
    A-9.8.2 Moving Ways
    A-9.8.3 Nature's Guises
    A-9.8.4 Nature's Summons
    A-9.8.5 Nature's Way
    A-9.8.6 Path Mastery
  A-9.9 Open Essence Spell Lists
    A-9.9.1 Delving Ways
    A-9.9.2 Detecting Ways
    A-9.9.3 Elemental Shields
    A-9.9.4 Essence Hand
    A-9.9.5 Essence's Perceptions
    A-9.9.6 Lesser Illusions 
    A-9.9.7 Physical Enhancements
    A-9.9.8 Rune Mastery
    A-9.9.9 Spell Wall
    A-9.9.10 Unbarring Ways
  A-9.10 Closed Essence Spell Lists
    A-9.10.1 Dispelling Ways 
    A-9.10.2 Gate Mastery 
    A-9.10.3 Invisible Ways
    A-9.10.4 Living Change
    A-9.10.5 Lofty Bridge
    A-9.10.6 Rapid Ways
    A-9.10.7 Shield Mastery
    A-9.10.8 Spell Enhancement
    A-9.10.9 Spell Reins
    A-9.10.10 Spirit Mastery 
  A-9.11 Magician Base Spell Lists
    A-9.11.1 Earth Law
    A-9.11.2 Fire Law 
    A-9.11.3 Ice Law 
    A-9.11.4 Light Law 
    A-9.11.5 Water Law
    A-9.11.6 Wind Law
  A-9.12 Dabbler Base Spell Lists
    A-9.12.1 Concealment Mastery
    A-9.12.2 Influences
    A-9.12.3 Mechanisms 
    A-9.12.4 Movement Mastery
    A-9.12.5 Senses
    A-9.12.6 Thieving Law
  A-9.13 Open Mentalism Spell Lists
    A-9.13.1 Anticipations
    A-9.13.2 Attack Avoidance
    A-9.13.3 Brilliance 
    A-9.13.4 Cloaking
    A-9.13.5 Damage Resistance
    A-9.13.6 Delving.
    A-9.13.7 Detections
    A-9.13.8 Illusions
    A-9.13.9 Self Healing 
    A-9.13.10 Spell Resistance
  A-9.14 Closed Mentalism Spell Lists
    A-9.14.1 Gas Manipulation
    A-9.14.2 Liquid Manipulation
    A-9.14.3 Mind Mastery
    A-9.14.4 Mind's Door
    A-9.14.5 Movement
    A-9.14.6 Sense Mastery
    A-9.14.7 Shifting
    A-9.14.8 Solid Manipulation
    A-9.14.9 Speed
    A-9.14.10 Telekinesis
  A-9.15 Mentalist Base Spell Lists
    A-9.15.1 Mind Attack
    A-9.15.2 Mind Control
    A-9.15.3 Mind Merge
    A-9.15.4 Mind Speech
    A-9.15.5 Presence
    A-9.15.6 Sense Control
 A-9.16 Bard Base Spell Lists
    A-9.16.1 Controlling Songs
    A-9.16.2 Entertaining Ways
    A-9.16.3 Item Lore
    A-9.16.4 Lores
    A-9.16.5 Sound Control
    A-9.16.6 Sound Projection
  A-9.17 Special Spell Notes
    A-9.17.1 Combining Effects
    A-9.l7.2 Good, Evil, Dark & Light
    A-9.17.3 Repeated Spell Attempts
    A-9.17.4 Permanent Spells
    A-9.17.5 Invisibility
    A-9.17.6 Encumbrance Limits for Movement Spells
    A-9.17.7 Wall Spells and Material Integrity
    A-9.17.8 Canceling a Spell
    A-9.17.9 Multiple Targets
    A-9.17.10 Conflicting Spell Effects
    A-9.17.11 RRs for Passive Spells
    A-9.17.12 Visibility
    A-9.17.13 Information Spells
    A-9.17.14 Illusions
    A-9.17.15 Slaying Criticals for Spells
    A-9.17.16 Dreams and Symbology
    A-9.17.17 Spell List Availability
    A-9.17.18 Variability of Spell Duration
    A-9.17.19 RRs for Area Effects
A-10 Attacks
  A-10.1 Attack Results
  A-10.2 Offensive Capabilities
  A-10.3 Defensive Capabilities
  A-10.4 Missile Attacks
  A-10.5 Melee Attacks
  A-10.6 Basic Spell Attacks
  A-10.7 Directed Spell Attacks
  A-10.8 Area Spell Attacks
  A-10.9 The Attack Tables
    A-10.9.1 One-Handed Concussion Weapon Attack Table
    A-10 9.2 One-Handed Edged Weapon Attack Table
    A-10.9.3 Two-Handed Weapon Attack Table
    A-10.9.4 Missile Weapon Attack Table
    A-10.9.5 Pole Arm Weapon Attack Table
    A-10.9.6 Thrown Weapon Attack Table
    A-10.9.7 Tooth & Claw Attack Table 
    A-10.9.8 Bash & Grapple Attack Table
    A-10.9.9 Bolt Spell Attack Table
    A-10.9.10 Ball Spell Attack Table
    A-10.9.11 Basic Spell Attack Table
    Resistance Roll Table T-3.4 
  A-10.10 The Critical Tables
    A-10.10.1 Cold Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.2 Heat Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.3 Krush Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.4 Puncture Critical Strike Table 
    A-10.10.5 Slash Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.6 Unbalance Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.7 Large Creature Critical Strike Table 
    A-10.10.8 Super Large Creature Critical Strike Table
    A-10.10.9 Spells Against Creatures Critical Strike Table
 A-10.11 The Fumble and Failure Tables
    A-10.11.1 Weapon Fumble Table
    A-10.11.2 Spell Failure Table
A-ll Record Sheets
  Character Record Sheet
  Skill Category Record Sheet
  Skill Record Sheet
  Money & Equipment Record Sheet
  Experience Point Log
  Session Log
  Character Figure Templates
  Blank Hex Sheet
T-1 Character Design Tables
  T-1.1 Race Abilities Table
  T-1.2 Stat Assignment Table
  T-1.3 Potential Stat Table
  T-1.4 Profession Table
  T-1.5 Background Options Table
  T-1.6 Adolescence Rank Table
  T-1.7 Random Role Trait Table
T-2 Character Development Tables
  T-2.1 Basic Stat Bonus Table
  T-2.2 Skill Bonus Table
  T-2.3 Stat Gain Table
  T-2.4 Spell List DP Cost Table
  T-2.5 Skill Summary Table
  T-2.6 Experience Point Table
  T-2.7 Training Package DP Cost Table
  T-2.8 Standard Skill Category Development Point Cost Table
  Special Progression Based on Race Chart
T-3 General Action Tables
  T-3.1 Battle Round Sequence Table 
  T-3.2 Common Actions Table 
  T-3.3 Armor Table
  T-3.4 Resistance Roll Table
  T-3.5 Offensive Capabilities Table
  T-3.6 Defensive Capabilities Table
  Stride Chart
  Pace Chart
  Pace Limitation Chart
  Encumbrance Chart
  Exhaustion Charts
T-4 Maneuver Tables
  T-4.1 Moving Maneuver Table
  T-4.2 Standard Moving Maneuver Modifications Table
  T-4.3 Static Maneuver Table 
  T-4.4 Standard Static Maneuver Modifications Table
  T-4.5 Spell Casting Static Maneuver Table
  T-4.6 Spell Casting Modifications Table
  T-4.7 Language Rank Table
T-5 Gamemaster Tables
  T-5.1 Encounter Table 
  T-5.2 Strategic Movement Rate Table 
  T-5.3 Magic Item Pricing Table
  T-5.4 Healing Recovery Table 
  T-5.5 Race Healing Factors Table 
  T-5.6 Mental Stat Loss Table
  T-5.7 Experience Point Charts
  T-5.8 Master Character Table 
  Animal & Monster Statistics Charts
T-6 The Record Sheets
  T-6.1 Character Record Sheet
  T-6.2 Skill Category Record Sheet
  T-6.3 Skill Record Sheet
  T-6.4 Money & Equipment Record Sheet
  T-6.5 Experience Point Log 
  T-6.6 Session Log 
  Character Figure Templates
  Blank Hex Sheet

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