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Rolemaster Standard Rules Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMSS
Product Name: Rolemaster Standard Rules
Product Type: RPG Rules
Author: ICE
Stock #: 5500
ISBN: 1-55806-233-5
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 352
Release Date: 1995
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $30.00 1995
PDF $17.50 11-Oct-04
Hardcover $43.00 09-May-2005
Softcover $25.00 05-Jul
Cloth Bound 17-Aug-09

Rolemaster Standard Rules at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
The Rolemaster Standard System
is a detailed, state-of-the-art FRP system that adds realism and depth to your campaign without sacrificing playability.
The Rolemaster Standard Rules
are the cornerstone of this system and provide all the rules and guidelines that you need to play in one of the most realistic FRP systems available. Experience the ultimate in fantasy role playing, Rolemaster.
The Rolemaster Standard Rules provide:
• A wide range of character creation choices—20 professions, 16 cultures & races, and 36 training packages (spy, loremaster, diplomat, scout, etc.).
• Material for unique character back-grounds, including: a wide variety of background options, a comprehensive system of talents and flaws, and a system of role traits.
• A system of temporary and potential stats determined by using both assigned and random elements.
• A skill development system that allows a character to develop ability in skills without absolute restrictions. Each skill is grouped with, similar skills in a skill category. In addition to developing individual skills, each skill category can be developed, improving all of the skills in that category.
• Complete, consolidated guidelines for resolving actions: moving maneuvers, static maneuvers (a table for each skill category), extraordinary spell casting attempts, and attacks (melee, missile, and spell).
• Action sequencing based on how fast a character attempts to perform an action: as a snap action (quick with a penalty), as a normal action, or as a deliberate action (slow with a bonus).
Get Real,
Get Rolemaster!
The latest in the evolution of role playing. Now provided in a convenient 3-hole punch format, the Rolemaster Standard System contains four basic parts:
• Rolemaster Standard Rules: This is it!
• Arms Law: The complete Rolemaster melee and missile combat system!
• Spell Law: The complete Rolemaster magic system (over 2,000 spells)!
• Gamemaster Law: The definitive guide for GMs of all systems!
Arms Law and Spell Law are designed for use with the Rolemaster Standard System, but each is fully compatible with older versions of Rolemaster.
In addition, you can test the waters. For those who have been intimidated by the system in the past:
• Rolemaster– The Basics: This boxed set contains all the basic information needed to learn the Rolemaster system.
• Rolemaster – Player Guides: A must for all players! This covers all the basic information that a Rolemaster player needs to know.

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