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Gamemaster Law Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMSS
Product Name: Gamemaster Law
Product Type: RPG Rules
Author: ICE, J. Hawkins
Stock #: 5521
ISBN: 1-55806-217-3
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 176
Release Date: 1995
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $20.00 1995

Gamemaster Law at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
How many players should I try to handle at a time? Will my game be more successful if I focus on political intrigue or on simple adventuring?
How can I pull the characters from
the jaws of death without it seeming contrived? How can I keep the
” power” in my game from getting out of hand? If you have ever asked
yourself any of these questions, then this reference book is for you!
Gamemaster Law discusses:
• How to determine the best types of game for you to run based upon your skills and personality. Analysis of your available players and analysis of your own skills and preferences will help you set up your game for success.
• How to design exciting and intriguing stories, NPCs, and backgrounds.
• How to build believable backdrops for your stories—any good story needs an interesting world. This includes discussions about other “large-scale” structures (e.g., language evolution, religion, etc.).
• How to fine-tune your stories as they progress. Every GM should use each session as a check-point for letting stories evolve and grow.
• How to keep your campaign backdrop evolving to create an ever-changing world for adventuring.
• How to enhance the enjoyment of your gaming sessions. Specific control mechanisms, game metabolism monitoring, and presentation techniques are all covered.
• How to utilize some of the special types of gaining environments. this includes tournament gaming (designing, running, and playing) as well as on-line gaming.
• How to use Rolemaster mechanics and rules for very specific situations. This includes guidelines for commerce and trading, healing systems, diseases, poisons, equipment lists, and more!
Get Real,
Get Rolemaster!
Experience the latest step in the evolution of role playing. Now in a convenient 3-hole punch format, the Rolemaster Standard System contains four basic parts:
• Rolemaster Standard Rules: These are all the rules needed to play Rolemaster. With 20 professions and dozens of new training packages, this is all you will ever need.
• Arms Law: The complete Rolemaster melee and missile combat system!.
• Spell Law: The complete Rolemaster magic system (over 2,000 spells)!
• Gamemaster Law: This is it!
Arms Law and Spell Law are designed for use with the Rolemaster Standard System, but each is fully compatible with older versions of Rolemaster:
In addition, you can test the waters. For those who have been intimidated by the system in the past:
• Rolemaster– The Basics: This boxed set contains all the basic information needed to learn the Rolemaster system.
• Rolemaster–— Player Guide: A must for all players! This covers the basic information that a Rolemaster player needs to know.

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