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Talent Law Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMSS
Product Name: Talent Law
Product Type: Supplement
Author: E. Dewey
Stock #: 5523
ISBN: 1-55806-252-1
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 112
Release Date: 1996
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $18.00 1996

Talent Law at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Note: While most books in the RMSS line are very compatible with the RMFRP line, the material in this book did undergo heavy revision for RMFRP.

Cover/Jacket Text:
From the ranks of the paupers, comes the champion of kings! Now you can explore the incredibly diverse possibilities of options available to characters through their backgrounds.
Talent Law provides GMs and players with a new system of customizing characters through background options. In addition, GMs can now create new races that are inherently balanced against all other races in the game!
In Talent Law you get;
• A point-based system for background options that allows characters to select from:
– Special Training (e.g., Elvish Training, Natural Horseman, Outdoorsman, etc.)
– Special Abilities (e.g., Lucky, Eye of the Hawk, Blessed by War God, etc.)
— Physical Abilities (e.g., Infravision, Resilient, Ambidexterity, etc.)
— Mental Abilities (e.g., Telepathy, Battle Reflexes, Photographic Memory, etc.)
— Mystical Abilities (e.g., Destiny Sense, Look of Eagles, etc.).
• Complete guidelines for the GM to customize the background options to his own world.
• A new system for determining starting wealth for characters based upon their selected wealth levels (e.g., a character can choose to have a wealthy back-ground or a penniless peasant back-ground).
• A point-based system for a GM to use in creating new races for his world. Using this system will result in new races being balanced when used with all of the races currently in the RMSS.
Get Real,
Get Rolemaster!
The latest in the evolution of role playing. Now provided in a convenient 3-hole punch format, the Rolemaster Standard System contains four parts:
• Rolemaster- Standard Rules: These are all the rules needed to play Rolemaster. With 20 professions and dozens of new training packages, this system is all you will ever need.
• Arms Law: The complete Rolemaster melee and missile combat system!
• Spell Law: The complete Rolemaster magic system (over 2,000 spells).
• Gamemaster Law: The definitive guide for GMs of all systems!
In addition, you can test the waters. For those new to Rolemaster.
• Rolemaster: The Basics: This boxed set provides the elements that you need to learn to play using a selection of Rolemaster’s wide range of choices.
• Rolemaster: Player Guide: An excellent way to introduce players to the Rolemaster system.

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