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Races & Cultures: Underground Races Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMSS
Product Name: Races & Cultures: Underground Races
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author: ICE, D. Reeder
Stock #: 5541
ISBN: 1-55806-276-9
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 144
Release Date: 1996
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $16.00 1996

Races & Cultures: Underground Races at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Come to the depths of the world and explore these fully detailed cultures!
Each of the underground races in this volume has page after page of specialized weapons, lifestyle and religious notes, training packages, spell lists, and much more!
In Races & Cultures: Underground Races you get:
• A full write-up on every one of the underground races presented in Creatures & Monsters (a total of 13 races with more than half a dozen pages on each race). Races include: Dwarves, Gnolls, Gnomes, Goblins, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, five different kinds of Orcs (including the spell-using Grey Orcs), and Troglodytes.
• Each write-up contains detailed information about religion, style of clothing, weaponry, armament, lifestyles, and more.
• Training packages unique to members of a given race that represent special kinds of lifestyles (the Goblin Inventor, the Hobgoblin Boarsaddler, the Gnoll Path Finder, etc.) and vocations (the Dwarven Sokhudnerrim, the Gnome Scholar, the Halfling Shirriff, etc.) found only among members of the race.
• Spell lists available only to members of a given race (e.g., the Gnollish Glyphstones, the Orcish Scar Unbinding) that represent special magical abilities of certain races.
• Full adolescent development tables that are completely compatible with the Rolemaster Standard System.
Get Real,
Get Rolemaster!
The latest in the evolution of role playing. Now provided in a convenient 3-hole punch format, the Rolemaster Standard System contains four parts:
• Rolemaster Standard Rules: These are all the rules needed to play Rolemaster. With 20 professions and dozens of new training packages, this system is all you will ever need.
• Arms Law: The complete Rolemaster melee and missile combat system!
• Spell Law: The complete Rolemaster magic system (over 2,000 spells).
• Gamemaster Law: The definitive guide for GMs of all systems!
In addition, you can test the waters. For those new to Rolemaster.
• Rolemaster: The Basics: This boxed set provides the elements that you need to learn to play using a selection of Rolemaster’s wide range of choices.
• Rolemaster: Player Guide: An excellent way to introduce players to the Rolemaster system.

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