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Black Ops Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMSS
Product Name: Black Ops
Product Type: Genre Book
Author: M. Esget
Stock #: 5700
ISBN: 1-55806-293-9
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 128
Release Date: 1997
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover $16.00 1997

Black Ops at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Michelle Parsons hung up the phone and looked at the other agents in the room around her. Felix Juarez was fidgeting in his seat. Isaac Adams looked deep in thought. “Well, guys, what do you think?”
” I think it’s a set-up.” Juarez said. “There is no reason for Myra to request this meeting.”
” I agree.” Adams still looked distracted and commented without turning his gaze to Parsons. “Something just doesn’t feel right.”
Parsons shook her head. “I feel it too. But we owe it to Myra to try and get to her. I realize that it’s risky, but what is life without risk! We’re going to do it.”
Parsons felt the unease, but quickly dropped into planning mode.
” Juarez, you work close surveillance. Keep an eye on me and an eye on who-ever is watching me. Adams, you work long surveillance. Find out who is setting this stage. Case the buildings and the streets.”
This might be a set-up. But Myra could be in trouble…

Welcome to the world of espionage, mercenaries, counter-terrorists, and covert operations. Enter the realm of Black Ops'”!
Black Ops is the first Rolemaster Standard System'” genre book and details the modern day world of covert operations. Like all genre books, this book will give you new rules for creating characters and handling combat, as well as details on the genre itself.
Here is what you will find inside…
• Three new professions for characters in the modern world and five normal RMSS professions, revised and
updated for the modern setting.
• Twenty new training packages for characters in the modern world to develop. (Also, new rules on training packages for the modern genre.)
• Guidelines for using the RMSS skill system, background options, and Weapon Law-with Black Ops.
• Details on modern equipment, terrorism, counter-terrorism, and intelligence agencies.
• 3 sample adventures and several mini-adventures.
• Complete guidelines for using Black Ops with RMSS.

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