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Aliens & Artifacts Cover

Product Line: Spacemaster
Product Edition: SM2
Product Name: Aliens & Artifacts
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author: David Pulver
Stock #: 9003
ISBN: 1-55806-146-0
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 144
Release Date: 1991
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover 1991

Aliens & Artifacts at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Aliens & Artifacts finally brings two important aspects of sci-fi gaming to the Space Master game universe: Alien Beasts and Alien Technology. Now your Space Master characters can visit outlandish worlds crawling with unheard of animals and harboring strange relics of the past and present.

Aliens & Artifacts includes:
• 14 fully-described alien sentient races, ranging from gaseous Avatar space nomads to parasitic, mind-controlling Valkyrie; from fungoidal Devi intellects, to.Jovian Sheol Squid Mothers.
• Nearly a hundred alien beasts grouped into eleven different ecosystems, from Jungle to Deep Water; including creatures from Vacuum and Exotic environments.
• Dozens of artifacts, rangeing from time-warping Entropy Neutralizers to deadly Singularity Seeds.
• Detailed Space Master character creation rules for each new race, allowing you to create alien player characters and NPCs.
• Complete information on each species’ psychology, society, culture and customs to
allow creative role playing.
• Dozens of adventure suggestions and world descriptions.
• Rolemaster’s Claw Law supplement, which is used to quantify the inherent attacks of A&A’s alien beasts.

Each of the three boxed games of the Space Master Trilogy stands alone, but they may be combined to form an integrated sci-fi role playing environment. The three games can also be linked with Rolemaster for sweeping science-fantasy campaigns.
• Space Master: The Role Playing Game is a sophisticated set of science fiction role playing rules. Included are exciting man-to-man combat rules, realist character generation guidelines, extensive campaign material, and a rich future history.
• Star Strike is a fast-paced boardgame of starship combat in the far future.1t puts you in the gunner’s chair as you dogfight with small but lethal SMAC fighters or deploy Line Cruisers to slug it out with death-dealing Dreadnoughts.
• Armored Assault is an intricate boardgame of gripping tactical planetside combat. Command small unit actions with a handful of tracked AFVs, or mobilize full-blown campaigns—mustering subs, surface ships, hovercraft, power armor, walkers, gray tanks, aerocraft, and more!

David Pulver, the author of this book reused many of the creatures in his later GURPS Space Books

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