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Space Master Companion II Cover

Product Line: Spacemaster
Product Edition: SM2
Product Name: Space Master Companion II
Product Type: Supplement
Author: Leo LaDell, Sanford Berenberg, Lem Richards, Bruce Cordell, Thomas Arnold, Ross Henton, David Blank, Tim Taylor, Leo LaDell, Kieth Locke, Rick Cross
Stock #: 9004
ISBN: 1-55806-187-8
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 112
Release Date: 1994
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover 1994
PDF $7.00 11-Aug-2011

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Space Master Companion II at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Space Master Companion II is a
must for any serious Space Master: The Role Playing Game player. It contains material for both Gamemasters and players, focusing mainly on new equipment and technology. At the same time it offers a completely unique psionic rules system as an option to the standard Space Master psion system.

Space Master Companion II includes:
• New professions such as the Bounty Hunter, the Combat Engineer, the Smuggler, etc.
• An entirely new and different system for using psychic powers called PsiFire.
• New rules for Cybernetics
• Hundreds of new weapons and devices to add to your Space Master game: new grenades, armor, personal equipment, drugs, variant rifles & pistols, and genetically-engineered organic equipment.
• Miscellaneous rules covering radiation, engineering skills, medical skills, force fields, new attack tables, and even a few new psion lists.
• New attack table for Power Tools, new critical tables for Power Tools and Power Armor.
A Sourcebook for Space Master

Space Master: The Role Playing Game is a sophisticated set of science-fiction role playing rules. Included are exciting man-to-man combat rules, realistic character generation guidelines, extensive campaign material, and a rich future history.

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