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Star Strike Boxed Set Cover

Product Line: Spacemaster
Product Edition: SM2
Product Name: Star Strike Boxed Set
Product Type: Combat Gm.
Author: Kevin Barrett
Stock #: 9010
ISBN: 1-55806-051-0
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 144,maps,counters
Release Date: 1988
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Box Set 1988
PDF $15.00 28-Jun-06
PDF $8.00 23-Aug-2011

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Star Strike Boxed Set at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Iron Crown Enterprises presents Space Master: Star Strike, a fast-paced boardgame of starcraft combat in the far future. Star Strike doubles as the starship expansion set for Space Master: The Role Playing Gamer^^
Simulate deep-space battles involving any number of vessels. Dogfight with small but lethal SMAC fighters or deploy Line Cruisers to slug it out with a death dealing Dreadnought.
Basic, Standard, and Advanced rules pre included. – YOU choose the level of detail and realism. Even more de-tailed Optional Rules can be layered on as you desire.
Star Strike is completely compatible with Space Master: The Role Playing Game and includes a comprehensive starcraft construction system. These guidelines for custom ship design are based upon power, cost and space availability.
Star Strike is the second part of a Science Fiction Gaming Trilogy. The first in the series is Space Master: The Role Playing Game, a sophisticated set of Science Fiction role playing rules. The third game, Space Master: Armored AssaultTM (Spring 1989) moves combat planetside, where Hovercraft, Powered Armor, and Aircraft compete for supremacy. Each of the Space MasterTM games stands alone, but they can also be combined or even linked with RolemasterlM for sweeping science-fantasy campaigns!

Space Master: Star Strike includes: Strike Book (96 pages)
• The Basic Game: Simple, easy-to-learn rules and scenarios for beginners.
• The Standard Game: Comprehensive rules with a full array of starcraft, weapon types, scenarios and campaign suggestions.
• The Advanced Game: Rules to extend the action into 3 dimensions.
. • Optional Rules: All the electronic warfare, sensors, warheads, alternate shipboard systems, and combat choices a sci-fi gamer could want.
• Starcraft Construction Rules: Custom design guidelines for any class of space vessel.

Tables and Forms Book (40 pages)
• Combat Tables: Attack charts for auto cannons, lasers, blasters, disruptors, ion and plasma cannons, along with explosive, nuclear and matter/anti-matter warheads. Also 6 Critical Results Tables for penetrating strikes and 5 for crew casualties.
• Starcraft Displays: Forms to keep track of statistics and damage.
• Game Charts: The most commonly used charts in one section for quick reference.

Playing Pieces
• 130 Starcraft Counters: full-color counters depicting 29 vessel types.
• 240 Utility Counters: Torpedos, mines, asteroids, generic vessels, etc.
• 6 Tactical Maps: With 2 hex sizes for use with counters or miniatures.
• 2 Percentile Dice
Complexity Rating (10 being the most complex).
Basic Game: 3
Standard Game: 6 Advanced Game: 8 Optional Rules: 9

The Cronos, a Provincial Carrier vessel, had just dropped out of Hyperspace when battle-claxons sounded throughout the ship.
” Gunners to stations!”
came the alarm. Tod Jairus rushed down to his fire control center. Piling into the gunner’s crib he pulled on a comm-link and looked out of the shielded bubble over-hanging his triple Ion Cannon mount. At first all he saw was a multitude of nameless
Over the comm-link he heard; “Thirty plus aggressors. Gunners check in!”
” 22 powering up!” His voice wavered. “I register seventeen inbound T-MACs,” Tod glanced up from his HUD: five Idorian strike fighters had just streaked into view, Laser Cannons ablaze. The Cronos’ screens crackled lightning.
His target acquisition light blinked green. Payback time! “22 firing!” Tod punched the lon Cannon discharge
toggles. . .

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