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Armored Assault Boxed Set Cover

Product Line: Spacemaster
Product Edition: SM2
Product Name: Armored Assault Boxed Set
Product Type: Combat Gm.
Author: Kevin Barrett
Stock #: 9020
ISBN: 1-55806-060-X
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 144,maps,counters
Release Date: 1989
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Box Set 1989
PDF $17.50 07-Jul-06
PDF $10.00 24-Aug-2011

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Armored Assault Boxed Set at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
The long-anticipated strike on Idamarcus was underway. Unexpectedly thrust into the dire battle over this resource-rich moon in the Idorian home system, Tod Jairus and Sheri Xll donned their Powered Armor battlesuits and stumbled out of the pitching Imperial troop carrier.
Rear Echelon Assets dropped relentless salvos of High Explosives among the attackers. Aerocraft streaked overhead. Idorian troops, dug deep into their fortified bunkers, poured streams of blinding firepower over the onrushing vehicles.
” Correct artillery coordinates to A-C-12,” screamed Sheri into her comm-link.
” They’re discharging MASK rounds,” cried Tod as Disruptor fire sizzled overhead. “We’ll hit their positions from the left. Follow me!”
Engaging their armor’s bioservos, Tod and Sheri catapulted themselves over the moon’s cratered surface. The firefight had begun its deadly crescendo … .

Armored Assault
ICE presents Space Master: Armored
Assault”, an intricate boardgame of gripping, tactical planetside combat in the far future. Armored Assault also doubles as the vehicular expansion set for Space Master: The Role Playing Game”’.

Now you can simulate decisive futuristic planet-bound battles! Command small unit actions with a handful of tracked AFVs, or mobilize full-blown campaigns, mustering subs, surface ships, walkers, gray tanks, artillery, aerocraft, and more!
Choose Basic, Standard or Advanced Rules to define your game’s level of detail and realism. Challenge yourself further by adding even more exacting Optional Rules.
Armored Assault is completely compatible with Space Master: The Role Playing Game and Star Strike'”‘. It includes comprehensive construction systems for tracked vehicles, infantry teams, powered armor troopers, rear echelon assets, and more.
Armored Assault is the third part of the Space Master Science Fiction Trilogy. The first in the series is Space Master: The Role Playing Game, a sophisticated set of science fiction role playing rules. The second game, Space Master: Star Strike, a fast-paced simulation of interplanetary ship combat, puts you in the gunner’s chair as you face. enemy starships. Play the Space Master games ‘ individually, or combine them to create sweeping science fiction campaigns. Since they are all compatible with Rolemaster”‘, you can also design festinating science-fantasy adventures!

Space Master: Armored Assault includes:
Assault Book
• The Basic Game: Simple, easy-to-learn rules and scenarios for beginners.
• The Standard Game: Comprehensive rules for a wide range of surface combat units, weapon types, scenarios, and campaign suggestions.
• The Advanced Game: Rules which incorporate aerial and submersible vehicles into the action.
• Optional Rules: Add-on game systems for master players who desire even more detail.
• Construction Rules: Custom-design guidelines for infantry teams, powered troopers, ordnance, aerocraft, rear echelon assets, installations, robots, and all manner of vehicles.
Tables and Forms Book
• Combat Tables: Attack charts for auto, MLA, and lob cannons, laser, blaster, disruptor, ion and plasma cannons, as well as shaped charge, seeking explosive, proximity explosive, nuclear and matter/ antimatter warheads. Also, there are 9 critical result tables for attacks against soft and hard targets, and another 5 for personal casualties.
• Game Charts: The most commonly used charts in one section for quick reference.
Playing Pieces
• 130 Vehicle Counters: Full color counters depicting a variety of vehicle types.
• 480 Utility Markers: Troops, torps, mines, terrain, and other game system markers.
• 4 Tactical Maps: Each displays unique terrain features on a 100 meter hex scale. –
• 2 Percentile Dice

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