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Disaster on Adanis III, Rescue on a Contested World Cover

Product Line: Spacemaster
Product Edition: SM2
Product Name: Disaster on Adanis III, Rescue on a Contested World
Product Type: Adventure
Author: John Crowdis
Stock #: 9107
ISBN: 1-55806-039-1
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 32
Release Date: 1989
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover 1989
PDF $5.00 27-Feb-08
PDF $5.00 19-Aug-2011

Disaster on Adanis III, Rescue on a Contested World at DriveThruRPG
Disaster on Adanis III, Rescue on a Contested World at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Disaster on Adanis III
Rescue on a Contested World

As the Vostok approaches Adanis III with a cargo of food and medical supplies, crew members cluster around viewscreens and portals to gaze in silent awe at the devastation surrounding them. Where Adanis’ smallest moon orbited, only dust clouds remain. After a long moment, the ship’s captain barks an order. “Back to your stations! There’s work to be done below.”

Houses Kubischev-Lloyd and Colos bicker over the rights to a rich ocean world, while Adanis faces a disaster of cataclysmic proportions. A stray asteroid collides with the smallest moon, wreaking global havoc on the planet below. Urgent distress calls issue from Adanis, and both House Kubischev-Lloyd and house Colos respond.

Disaster on Adanis III includes detailed information about the long-running struggle between Houses Kubischev-Lloyd and Colos for control of Adanis III. As a disaster strikes, three ready-to-run adventures involve you in this intrigue and desperate rescue effort

· Deep under the waves of Adanis’ tropical seas, survivors of an earthquake and huge tidal wave are trapped in a damaged Sea Bed Farm. Will help arrive before provisions and air run out?
· Kubischev-Lloyd officials hire you to retrieve a list of colonists and employees involved with a titanium mine. Can you survive the hazards of the mine to complete your mission?
· While investigating a sensor anomaly on Adanis’ surface, you may find an unpleasant surprise. Are you prepared for unforseen danger?

DISASTER ON ADANIS III is designed for use with ICE’s SPACE MASTER Science Fiction Role Playing system, but the material is easily converted for use with other systems.

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