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Eidolon, Sea-port and Sky-City Cover

Product Line: Shadow World
Product Edition: SW
Product Name: Eidolon, Sea-port and Sky-City
Product Type: Campaign Setting
Author: ICE
Stock #: 6300
ISBN: 1-55806-156-8
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 160+maps
Release Date: 1992
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover 1992
PDF $18.00 2002

Eidolon, Sea-port and Sky-City at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Eidolon floats in the sky above the northern coast of the great continent of Emer. This city is a place of magic and wealth: a beautiful marble and glass metropolis which is the heart of a powerful economic empire. It is also haven to the legendary Skyships. From his cloud-bond palace the Prince rules his realm of Sel-kai, perhaps the richest land in all the Shadow World.
But far below glittering Eidolon, straddling the delta of the Sharhya River is Sel-kai, city of canals. Dozen of islands are linked by bridges spanning the narrow waterways. Most of the labor supporting this realm is done here, amid the stinking canals and steaming workshops. Anything … anythig … can be bought or sold in Sel-kai City.
Tension is building between the elite of Eidolon and the laborers of Sel-kai, and not helping matters are the Loari Elves, who have infiltrated their technology into Sel-kai economy. Most omnious of all are the machinations of the Unlife, seeking to play all factions against each other.
Intrigue and adventure await the brave traveller in Eidolon!

Eidolon, City in the Skay CONTAINS:
– A 22″ x 34″ full-color hand-rendered map of Sel-kai, the sprawling canal city beneath Eidolon.
– A full-color map of Eidolon, the Sky-city.
– Descriptions of more than 250 businesses in Sel-kai and Eidolon, many with layouts, and all cross-indexed.
– Detailed ‘neighbourhood’ maps, showing bridges, alleys and shops.
– Eight complete adventures.
– Background on Sel-kai and many important personalities.
– A detailed timeline advances history in the Shadow World three years, and supplies ‘upcoming events’ in Sel-kai: important changes while the players adventure
– Stats for the famous Skyships of Eidolon.
– Price lists and glossary of valuable materials.
– Government information; rules for crimes and punishment.
– Secret organizations, both good and evil
– An Elven Dictionary, Eidolon Alphabet, drugs, poisons and diseases charts – including many illnesses indigenous to the Sharhya Delta.

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