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Shadow World Master Atlas, 4th. Edition Cover

Product Line: Shadow World
Product Edition: SW
Product Name: Shadow World Master Atlas, 4th. Edition
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author: Terry Kevin Amthor
Stock #: 6400
ISBN: 1-55806-593-8
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 224
Release Date: 2003
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
PDF $20.00 2003
Softcover $35.00 03-Apr
PDF $20.00 2011-04-26

Shadow World Master Atlas, 4th. Edition at DriveThruRPG
Shadow World Master Atlas, 4th. Edition at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Note: There is a freePDF download available from ICE that is a supplement to this product. This 28-pg PDF contains Appendix B and the Index for the Shadow World 4th Edition atlas that didn’t make it intothe orginial book. Appendix B covers Minerals, Gems and Metals, Languages and Vocabulary.

Cover/Jacket Text:
…A planet hangs on the threshold between Order and Chaos, a focus of strange powers and portals to alien dimensions. Sorcery clashes with ancient technology while capricious deities make war and the Dragonlords walk as men. Against them all rises the Unlife, a force whose dark servants seek the destruction of all that lives…

The long wait is over…
Return to the Shadow World, home of Dragonlords and Loremasters, mysterious ancient civilizations and Navigators who ride the magical Flows of Essænce. The Master Atlas Fourth Edition has arrived, completely updated and revised.
Some Highlights of the Fourth Edition:
Complete race listings and statistics to include RMFRP stats.
Greatly expanded histiory, updated to 6054 Third Era of Ire.
Geopolitical overview of the entire Western Hemisphere.
Info on the major good and evil deities
Stats on selected Loremasters, Navigators and other NPCs.
Color map of the western hemisphere.
Black & white map of the Bay of Izar.

My review of this product can be found at:

Just for fun, here’s what the original draft for the cover looked like:

Table of Contents:

Part I - Introduction
 1. Abbreviations
 2. Keys to System Codes
 3. Keys to Beast Table Entries

Part II - Introduction
 1. The Kulthean Calendar
 2. About Time
 3. A Timeline of History

Part III - Peoples
 1. Mortal Races
 2. Immortal Races
 3. Alien Races
 4. Extinct Races

Part IV - Character Creation
 1. Character Concept
 2. Initial Choices
 3. Stats
 4. Adolescent Skill Development
 5. Background Options
 6. Apprenticeship Skill Development
 7. Your Character's Role
 8. Final Character Preparation
 9. Experience and Advancing Levels

Part V - The Lands
 1. About the Maps
 2. Key to the Text
 3. Special Features
 4. Mulira
 5. Agyra
 6. Thuul
 7. Mythenis
 8. Jaiman
 9. Emer
 10. Iyxia
 11. Falias
 12. Kelestia
 13. Gaalt
 14. Govon
 15. Murlis
 16. Palia
 17. Folenn
 18. North Polar Region
 19. South Polar Region
 20. The Eastern Hemisphere

Part VI - The Bay of Izar
 1. About the Maps
 2. Key to the Text
 3. Geography
 4. Settlements
 5. Fortifications
 6. Sites and Mysteries

Part VII - Essænce & Spells
 1. Essænce Barriers
 2. Foci
 3. Flow-storms
 4. Spells & Spell Lists
 5. Channeling Notes

Part VIII - Gods
 1. Interpretation
 2. Involvement
 3. Lords of Orhan
 4. Greater Spirits of Orhan
 5. Nymphs
 6. Children of Gods
 7. The Dark Gods
 8. Dark Spirits
 9. Local Gods

Part IX - Good & Evil, Order & Chaos
 1. Good and Evil
 2. Unlife Origins
 3. Manifestations
 4. Other "Evil" Forces
 5. Evil Essænce
 6. Order and Chaos

Part X - Groups of Note
 l. Powers overview
 2. Loremasters
 3. Navigators
 4. The Jerak Ahrenreth
 5. Dragonlords
 6. Heralds of Night
 7. Individuals of Note

Part XI - Creatures
 1. Land & Air Arthropods
 2. Aquatic Beasts
 3. Reptiles & Amphibians
 4. Herbivorous Land Mammals
 5. Carnivorous Land Mammals
 6. Flying Beasts
 7. Dragons

Part XII - The Undead
 1. About the Undead

Part XIII - Artificial Beings
 1. Kaeden
 2. Sentinels
 3. Gogor
 4. Shards
 5. Neng
 6. Elementals
 7. Golems

Part XIV - Demons of the Essence
 l. About Demons
 2. Elemental Demons
 3. Thematic Demons
 4. Singular Demons

Part XV -Demons of the Void
 l. The Void: an Overview
 2. The Planes of the Known Void
 3. The Outer Planes
 4. The Outer Void

PART XVI - Appendices
 1. Weather & Climate
 2. Plantlife
 3. Special Weapons 

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