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A Wedding at Axebridge Cover

Product Line: HARP
Product Edition: HARP
Product Name: A Wedding at Axebridge
Product Type: Adventure
Author: Chris Seal
Stock #: 3103
Publisher: ICE
Page Count:
Release Date: 24-Jun-09
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
PDF $6.00 24-Jun-09

A Wedding at Axebridge at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
This product, A Wedding in Axebridge, is an adventure specifically designed fo 4-6 HARP characters from levels 2 to 4.

The sun shines brightly over the brightly colored tents that have sproung up overnight. the scent of roasting meats and freshly baked goods drift on the gentle breeze. the wild music of fidles and droms leads a crowd of people into a whirling, frenetic dance.

Contests of skill and accuracy elicit supportive cheers form those watching, and there is a festive airint the village of Axebridge. all those present are prepared and determined to enjoy themselves after the solitary darkness of wintertime. A mild breeze sends bright banners flapping from their ropes upon the ancient stone bridge that crosses the river Elfwash. Yet more banners hang from the many fine carvings of crossed axes that line the bridge and give the village its name.

Axebridge is a small village, but today its numbers are swollen with an influx of visitors. The gaudy covered wagons of gypsy folk form a mobile settlement on the northern bank of the Elfwash, across the river from the main village.
From out of the crowds a couple approaches. Both are dressed in brightly colored clothes, obviously their best, and smaile warmly in your direction. “Greetings friends, Please make yourself welcome and enjoy the festivities” announces the tall, well dressed man. “My name is Keils and this is my bride to be, Mirrim. May we have the honor of your names?”

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