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HARP SF XTreme Cover

Product Line: HARP
Product Edition: HARP
Product Name: HARP SF XTreme
Product Type:
Author: Nicholas H.M. Caldwell
Stock #: GCP-HARP-1002
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 252
Release Date: 28-Oct-2011
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
PDF $15.00 28-Oct-2011
Softcover B&W $19.82 19-Dec-2011
Hardcover B&W $24.57 19-Dec-2011
Softcover Color $30.61 19-Dec-2011
Hardcover Color $35.35 19-Dec-2011

HARP SF XTreme at DriveThruRPG
HARP SF XTreme at Noble Knight Games (Used)
Cover/Jacket Text:
Take your HARP SF game to the next level of excitement!

HARP SF Xtreme expands the HARP SF system with:

A complete set of vehicular rules for both slower-than-light and faster-than-light travel, whether you fly at the speed of plot or like to crunch the numbers
An extensive catalogue of land, marine, air, space and hybrid vehicles to get your heroes from Alpha Centauri to Betelgeuse and everywhere else
Deck plans of the featured starships and interplanetary craft
Vehicle combat rules that scale from starfighter dogfights to epic battles between mighty dreadnoughts that will engage the entire party in the action
With HARP SF Xtreme, you can:

Upgrade your heroes to their full transhuman potential with the complete range of cyberware from mind-enhancing nanoware implants to complete cybernetic replacements of limbs and organs that are faster, stronger, and better than the biological originals
Transcend the biological and upload your hero’s mind into the virtual world of cyberspace, then download into the robotic body of your own construction or one of the nine archetypal example robots.
Join the machine revolution and create a character who is a pure Artificial Intelligence!
HARP SF Xtreme is one giant leap for your HARP SF gaming!

Table of Contents:

0 Introduction 5
1 Vehicles 6
When is a Vehicle Maneuver Needed? 6
Vehicle Skills and Maneuvers 6
Natural Hazards and Crashes 9
Flight and Pursuit 10
Slower Than Light Travel 11
Sub-Light Travel Times and Speed Tables 12
Faster Than Light Travel 13
Transport and Vehicles 21
Vehicle Weaponry 40
2 Vehicle Combat 45
About Vehicle Combat 45
Vehicle Combat Definitions 45
Vehicle Combat Resolution 46
Vehicle Initiative Modifiers 46
Supporting Maneuvers 48
Resolving Gunnery 49
Range Modifiers 50
Combat Example - Part One 52
Combat Example - Part Two 56
Linked-fire Systems 57
Weapon Batteries 57
Extended Weapon Batteries and Countermeasures 58
Fighting in Formation 59
Vehicle Weapon Sizes 59
Vehicle Damage Caps 60
Fumble Table 60
Reading the Vehicle Critical Tables 60
Personal, Vehicular and Capital-Class Vehicular Combat 65
Personal Weapons Versus Vehicular and Capital-Class
Vehicular Weapons 65
Fighting Inside and From Vehicles 67
3 Cyberware 69
Cyber Compatibility 69
Installing Cyberware 69
Using Cyberware 70
Cyberware Power 71
Cyberware Damage 71
Cyberware Repair 73
Upgrading and Removing Cyberware 73
Cyberware Devices 74
4 Electronic Characters 83
Electronic Characters: Virtual Persons and AIs 83
Creating a Virtual Character 83
Virtual Characters: Stats, Skills, and Talents 84
Creating AI Characters 86
Electronic Character Development 88
Life in Cyberspace 88
Downloading Back Into Reality 90
Electromagnetic Hazards 90
Mobile Personality Storage Units 91
Character Transmission 91
Robots 92
Creating Robot Characters 92
Robotic Talents 94
Robotic Character Development 104
Robot Maintenance, Hazards and Repair 105
Example Robots 108
Robotic Critical Tables 113
The Maneuver Table 119
5 Index 120

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