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Iron Wind (1st Ed. First printing) Cover

Product Line: Shadow World
Product Edition: LM
Product Name: Iron Wind (1st Ed. First printing)
Product Type: Campaign Setting
Stock #: ?
Publisher: ICE
Page Count: 48?
Release Date: 1980
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Softcover 1980

Note: There are two variations of this module, There was an initial printing of 5,000 Iron Wind’s on that golden parchtext with a B&W cover and interiors. After it had been selling for a few months the distributors talked ICE into doing a color cover so Pete Fenlon drew the color cover using an overlay process and they stripped the B&W cover off the remainder of the first printing and bound the new color covers back on them.
The differences in the front covers are; the black and white cover has a rendering of the fortress of Systax. It is drawn from a similar perspective as a small picture inside the cover of the color version, but is larger in size and signed RB rather than PCF. The only words on the black and white version are “The Iron Wind ©Iron Crown Enterprises 1980.” No mention of a unique fantasy campaign or contents as found on the color cover.
Inside front cover: blank in the black and white version. The color version describes the Iron Wind as the first in the Loremaster Series, and has the above mentioned small picture of Systax.
Inside back cover: blank in black and white version. Large picture of Syrkakar in color version.
Back cover: Large picture of Syrkakar in black and white version. Color map from page 35 on color version.

Cover/Jacket Text:


Enter the World of Loremaster!

The IRON WIND recounts the tale of Elor Once Dark, a famed Loremaster who traveled to the chill land of the Mur Fostisyr, snow-clad isles surrounded by cruel glaciers and treacherous icy waters. It is the home of the Iron Wind, an arm of the unlife threatening to subdue the valiant peoples of the isles. Demons, Supernatural assassins, Dragonlords and corrupt Elven priests all serve the dark purpose of the Iron Wind as they strive to further drive apart the already divided peoples. Against these terrifying minions stand the Elvish Ky’taari; the stout, hardy Fustir, the secretive, superhuman Udahir in their subterranean metropolis; and the fierce, warlike Syrkakar – who are already falling under the cruel shadow of the Iron Wind.

Clusters of islands and small continents dot the surface of the world. Myriad cultures and peoples ie separated by sheer mountains, treacherous reefs, and the powerful but invisible Flows of Essnce.
Churning like ocean tides under the Five Moons, the Essence ebbs and flows, its eddys and currents dictating unseen barriers and centers of power. Some have learned to tap into that power.
Travel across the world is perilous, though some have made it an art: the aloof Navigators will transport anyone anywhere—for a fee. And of course, there are the mysterious, saged Loremasters, keepers of the old knowledge and consummate wielders of the Essence. It is they who lead the ongoing fight against the Unlife and its twisted servants.

(Thank you to Bruce Neidlinger at ICE for providing me with a lovely mint copy of the first printing of this module)

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