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ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Mentalism Companion Cover

Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RMFRP
Product Name: ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Mentalism Companion
Product Type: Software
Author: Maximiliano Tabacman
Stock #: GCP-SOFTRM17
Publisher: Guild Companion Publications
Page Count: 0.25 MB
Release Date: 24 August 2016
Language: English

Format Cover Price Released
Software $9.95 24 August 2016

ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Mentalism Companion at DriveThruRPG
Cover/Jacket Text:
This product is an add-on feature package for ERA (see /product/137825/ERA-for-Rolemaster).

ERA (Electronic Roleplaying Assistant) is the ultimate companion for Rolemaster campaigns. Using ERA players can create their characters using a step by step wizard, then level them up and configure all details in stats, skills and special abilities, even overriding the automatic calculations. Afterwards, they can be added to a running campaign in the adventuring module. From there, the game master can control all aspects of the game: resolve maneuvers, resistances, resting, and of course, spell casting and combat.

With ERA you can create Rolemaster characters and then manage their adventures. Players can also monitor their characters from their mobile devices as the action progresses. But no adventure is complete without some gritty combat. Blows must be dealt, and damage resolved. In the free base ERA product you will find 2 sample weapons and 3 critical tables.

The RMFRP Mentalism Companion package for ERA includes 4 professions, 15 talent descriptions and 38 spell lists with every spell ready to be cast.
Seers can project their senses through any barrier and across great distances, and even see into the minds of others. Astrologers can read the past and future by reading the stars, while commanding light and sound to their will. Enchanters affect the senses of others, and also tap into their experiences and skills. ArmsMasters use Mentalism magic to prepare formidable defenses and coordinate group attacks.
Get the most of your talent points by purchasing from new options. Make the most of your sleep time with Dream Walker or Sweet Dreams. Create the ultimate sage with Excellent Linguist and Excellent Memory. Add an extra kick to your mind attacks with Mental Agility and Piercing Eyes.
Apart from 6 base lists for the 4 new professions, training packages spell lists from the Mentalism Companion are presented. Characters can now change their mental and physical traits using Mind Shifting and Body Shifting. Mentalism doctors are supported by the powers granted by the Physicks list. Dreams are a gateway to a whole new world with spells from Dream Law, Dream Lore and Dream Travel.
Tutorial videos are available (see link below) and support can also be found on the ICE forums at

ERA is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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