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June 2022

Rolemaster Express

Product List

Cover Stock
Product Name Release Date ISBN Pages
6500 Rolemaster Express 06-Jul-07 1-55806-622-5 90
exad1 Express Additions 1 17-Aug-07 13
exad2 Express Additions 2 14-Sep-07 17
exad3 Express Additions 3 12-Oct-07 14
exad4 Express Additions 4 08-Nov-07 12
exad5 Express Additions 5 07-Dec-07 12
exad6 Express Additions 6 28-Jan-08 12
exad7 Express Additions 7 April 28 2008
exad8 Express Additions 8 27-Jun-08 10
exad9 Express Additions 9 19-Sep-08 12
exad10 Express Additions 10 17-Oct-08 14
exad11 Express Additions 11 04-Dec-08 18
6601 Gamemaster Screen 18-Dec-08
exad12 Express Additions 12 30-Jan-09 11
exad13 Express Additions 13 Sept 2009 12
exad 14 Express Additions 14 Oct 2009 19
exad15 Express Additions 15 November 2009 9
exad16 Express Additions 16 December 2009 17
exad17 Express Additions 17 March 2010 17
exad18 Express Additions 18 April 2010 15
exad19 Express Additions 19 June 2010 19

3 comments to Rolemaster Express

  • Greg

    I’m playing in a RM2 game right now. I currently have all of the books for the system but missed out on the express additions. It looks like they might include some rule fixes, updates to character classes, and more optional rules. If they were available I know 3 people including myself that would snap them all up. 🙂 Ah well…

  • With the change of license holder for Rolemaster, most of these are currently unavailable, but the Guild Companion is working on rebranding the products and getting them back on RPGNow. I don’t know if this will include the Rolemaster Express PDFs or not. If they are going to do these, I believe they will be pretty low on their priority list.
    Some retailers still have hard copies of Rolemaster Express if that is what you are looking for.

  • Gregory Scholz

    Where exactly can these be found for purchase???

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