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December 2023

Battlestar Galactica Campaign

Work area for an idea I have for a Battlestar Galactica Campaign

The basic idea I have is that the characters are in the Academy and are doing a survival training exercise where they have been dumped in a remote location with limited supplies and are expected to find their way back to a small military base where they will be picked up. Unbeknown to them, the Cylons attack the colonies while the characters are on their mission.

I think I would make it about a 4 – 5 day trek to the base, first couple of days would be normal, roleplay. Characters will need to find each other, I’ll have them dumped in seperate locations, they will need to find water and food, get a fire started etc, maybe a non hostile encounter with wildlife. Third day would be when the Cylons attack. The characters won’t know this, although they may spot an unfamiliar ship flying overhead.

The attack would also start a forest fire, the characters would eventually encounter some panicked wild life, perhaps having to fight an enraged bear or something similiar (Lupus from the original series?). They would also have to figure out how to deal with the approaching fire. I’d have them get to a river that they could follow a little ways to a small lake and find a recreational fishing village near the lake, where they could pick up a couple more non-military characters if there are players with characters like that. If they have tried to use the emergancy radio by this point, rather than resulting in a rescue, it would have resulted in a fly over by a Cylon ship and possibly a couple of bombs being dropped.
At the village they would be able wait for the fire to pass, maybe needing to dig a fire break or hose the buildings down or possibly go out on the lake in a boat or something creative like that. They could also get their hands on a couple of guns and some other supplies. By this point they should have figured out that something has definitely gone wrong.

Someone at the village knows about an abandoned mine nearby. They should come up with the idea of moving the villagers to the mine. Could be several adventures set up around getting proper life support in the mine, could be an abandoned ore ship in the mine that could be used.
Eventually they will discover that there is a remote area of the mine that the military used as a storage area, including a section with some older vipers, including some stealth vipers (need to use those black Titanium Mark II’s for something) and prototype Mark VII’s ( ditto for the White Titanium mark VII’s).

Could have the potential for lots of political infighting as a village is set up underground, basically becomes the equivalent of a ship. If run as a new BSG campaign then there is the possiblilty that they are infiltrated by Cylons.

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