Rulings on Actions

Adrenal Maneuvers

  • There is no official limit on the number of consecutive rounds an adrenal manuever may be performed. [11/16/99]

Cancelled Actions

  • If the cancelled actions are less than 60% activity, you can move 10% as a deliberate action. If they are 60% or more, you can (as a deliberate action) move 50%, melee at -40, or manuever at -40. You may not cancelan action if that action's parry has already been used. [R, 10/29/99]

Conflicting Actions

  • If two characters are making conflicting actions in the same phase (such as one trying to avoid melee attacks), they should make manuever rolls, with difficulties set by the GM. Whoever gets the higher result succeeds. Otherwise, whoever acts in the earlier phase succeeds. [R, 5/2/00]

Deliberate Actions

  • Any action requiring a maneuver or attack roll gets +10 to that roll if done during the deliberate phase. [1/12/00]


  • Certain maneuvers can be deemed impossible by the GM. [R, 12/8/99]


  • Encumbrance penalties are added to armor penalties for moving maneuvers, but do not affect attacks. [3/22/00]


  • People getting tired is dealt with by multipliers to exhaustion points. [R, 3/31/00]


  • Falling from heights is represented by a Fall/Crush attack with a bonus equal to the height in feet. [R, 2, 3/2/00]
  • Acrobatics will reduce the critical level by one, while Adrenal Landing will reduce the OB by reducing the effective feet fallen. [R, 4/12/00]


  • All hits heal at the same rate. [2/22/00]
  • A poison is any foreign substance that is having a detrimental effect on the target. [2/25/00]
  • An antidote will stop a poison from doing further damage if it wins a RR contest with the poison, but will not heal damage already done. [2/25/00]


  • Meditation can be used to reduce the negative modifications to a SCSM for a spell with a level higher than the caster, and even provide a positive modification. [R, 2/5/00]


  • Penalties for injuries from critical hits apply to all actions until the injury is healed. [2/22/00]

Percentage Activity

  • You may not attack with less than the minimum activity percentage listed on T-3.2 [R, 10/12/99]
  • Even if you have more than 100% activity in a round, you are still limited to one action per phase. [2, R, 10/31/99]
  • Percentage activity not used for the allowed three actions may only be used for movement at the end of the deliberate action phase. It may not be used to attack or parry. [R, 10/29/99]


  • To use poison on a weapon, it must come in a paste form, you must prepare it correctly, and you must score a critical with the weapon before any other hit. [R, 3/12/00]


  • You may not prepare two different skills in the same round. [X, 11/16/99]
  • Preparation for adrenal moves should be done as a deliberate action in the round before the use of the skill. [2, 10/15/99]
  • Preparation is only interrupted by down, stun, or kill results. [R, 11/8/99]


  • The GM can change the rules. [R, 12/8/99]


  • The Survival skill would be the appropriate one for finding a safe campsite. [2/3/00]
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