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The following rulings were added to the collection on 5/16/00:

Adrenal Defense

  • NEW You may use a weapon while using AD, as long as the weapon is not a large object (must be smaller than a shield at least). [4/27/00]

Anticipations, Open Mentalism

  • NEW The range and duration for Anticipate Hostility are correct. [4/25/00]


  • NEW Non-spell users with Arcane as their realm use the "Own Realm" costs for purchasing spells. Only use the "Aracane" costs for non-arcane characters. [4/17/00]

Arcane Healing, Closed Arcane

  • NEW Greater Healing can heal shattered bones as well as muscles and tendons. [4/20/00]

Arcane Senses, Chaotic Base

  • NEW The table date for Torment is 1 Target, 1 Min/Lvl, 100', F

Attack Avoidance, Open Mentalism

  • NEW Bladeturn has to be cast on the same turn as the attack, not the same phase. [4/27/00]
  • NEW Bladeturn has to be cast before the attack it is affecting [X, 5/14/00]
  • NEW Bladeturn must be resolved in the turn it is cast. [4/27/00]

Bladerunes, Closed Arcane

  • NEW Bladerunes may only be put on items, not on your skin. [R, 5/8/00]

Cancelling Spells

  • NEW Cancelling spells is done by the level of the caster, not the level of the spell. [R, 5/4/00]

Casting Spells

  • NEW Penalties from criticals do apply to SCSM's, but not ESF rolls. [4/26/00]
  • NEW You may cast a spell while concentrating on another spell. [4/27/00]

Cavalier (RM2)

  • NEW Ignore the second "Deadly Skills...Silent Kill...5." [5/4/00]

Conflicting Actions

  • NEW If two characters are making conflicting actions in the same phase (such as one trying to avoid melee attacks), they should make manuever rolls, with difficulties set by the GM. Whoever gets the higher result succeeds. Otherwise, whoever acts in the earlier phase succeeds. [R, 5/2/00]

Continuous Items

  • NEW Casting a spell from an "at will" item can be done while stunned, and does not require an action, just speaking the command word. [4/25/00]

Craftsman (RM2)

  • NEW The level bonuses for the Craftsman are the same as No Profession [5/4/00]

Elemental Ways, Warrior Mage Base (RM2)

  • NEW The ranges on this list are correct. [4/23/00]


  • NEW The elf meditation ability doesn not apply to healing rates. [4/23/00]


  • NEW Spell EPs do not lower or exclude gaining Kill EPs for the same action. [5/2/00]


  • NEW If you are awarding familiars experience, they advance at the same level intervals as characters. [4/17/00]
  • NEW Familiars will stay near the caster and be loyal to him, but otherwise retain free will. [4/17/00]
  • NEW Familiars do not gain increased intelligence by becoming familiars. [4/17/00]
  • NEW True familiars are different from normal familiars, and do gain some intelligence when they become familiars. [R, 4/18/00]
  • NEW Invested familiars only get the benefits listed in the Investiture spell, not those normally given to true familiars. [4/19/00]

Fortress Law, Armsmaster Base

  • NEW The spells on this list that must rest on a solid surface must rest on one that could support the weight of a normal barrier of the same size. [4/27/00]
  • NEW A camp can be used for the spells on this list requiring a "fortress," if a temporary or permanent structure has been built in the camp. [4/27/00]
  • NEW Mantlet can be cast multiple times. [5/9/00]
  • NEW 7 People can fit within a Mantlet, but only 6 can melee out, and only two of them can attack any particular target. [5/9/00]


  • NEW Average the realm stat bonus for hybrid spell users [R, 4/30/00]


  • NEW Casting an attack spell will make you visible again. [4/23/00]

Misdirections, Magent Base

  • NEW For Unseen, 1 garmet is one piece of clothing, not one set of clothing. [5/4/00]


  • NEW Animals may parry. [X, 4/28/00]

Power Focus, Arcane Base

  • NEW Increase Limit does not require tapping a source. [5/3/00]

Rapid Ways, Closed Essence

  • NEW If Haste or Speed is cast in the deliberate phase, it can affect either the current turn's activity or the next turn's activity. [4/27/00]

Repulsions, Cleric Base

  • NEW The restriction of going up a level before trying again applies only to Remove Curse, not to Neutralize Curse. [5/9/00]

Rune Mastery, Open Essence

  • NEW Spell store requires using the PPs when you first cast the spell, and when you cast Spell Store, but not when you later cast the spell as an instant spell. [5/2/00]

Spell Mastery

  • NEW The spell goes off normally if the Spell Mastery roll is failed (assuming any SCSM's are made also) [4/23/00]
  • NEW If you extend a range from self to touch, the target becomes the caster for spell effects. He has to concentrate if necessary, but does not have to stay at touch range. [4/27/00]
  • NEW Spell Mastery must be used when the spell is cast, not while it is in effect. [5/9/00]
  • NEW Making the area affect smaller has the same penalties as making it bigger, just replace multiplication with division. [5/12/00]

Stat Gains

  • NEW Stat gains from TP's are made when the TP is bought, but any DP's gained are not recieved until the next level. [4/27/00]

Utility Spells

  • NEW Utility spells may only be cast on the caster, a willing target, or a target incappable of resistance. [R, 4/22/00]

Willing Target

  • NEW A willing target is one that has acknowledged that they are willing for the caster to cast a spell on them. [4/23/00]
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