Rulings on Specific Books

Arms Law

Broadsword Attack Table

  • Against AT 8, with a roll of 149, a broadsword should do 20 ES. [10/7/99]

Weapon Statistics

  • For the weapons that have statistics, but no attack table, the maximum damage is the same as the maximum damage on the appropriate weapon chart. [11/5/99]
  • The bastard sword's maximum result of 140 only applies to the two-handed sword attack table. [4/1/00]

Channeling Companion


  • The Priest of Peace refers to the Summonings spell list. As this doesn't exist, use the Cleric base Summons list. [10/6/99]

Summoning Bond, Summoner Base

  • The Bond spell provides for no control of the creature, that must be obtained through other means. [1/16/00]
  • The target of a Bond spell remains bonded to you even if it leaves your service. [1/16/00]

Character Law

Profession Bonuses

  • The profession bonuses to skills are the same as those in RMSR. If you are only using the skills listed in RMFRP, use the bonuses listed there. If you are using the full list of skills, use the ones listed in Character Law. [12/7/99]

Creatures & Monsters

Creature Statistics

  • The notations like (f)-(--,--,--),CD-5 are the habitat codes, which are described at the begining of the book. [R, 2/4/00]
  • Creature sizes and crits are listed together, such as L/LA. The first letter is the physical size of the creature, and does not affect criticals. The second is the creature's critical type, which does affect criticals dealt to the creature. [3/2/00]


  • The GM may make Demons immune to any spells he wants. [2, R, 2/14/00]
  • Unless specified in the description, there is no RR to proximity criticals. [2/17/00]

Treasure Codes

  • The code given for a creature is the ammount a group of those creatures would have. The size of the group is specified by the # Enc. entry. [R, 10/22/99]


  • Constitution loss from undead is taken off of the temporary stat. [2/4/00]
  • Constitution loss from undead may be regained by a stat gain roll, spells, or rest (1 point per day). [R, 2/4/00]

Gamemaster Law


  • When using cold turkey withdrawl, roll on the Disease/Poison chart to determine the number of days required. Then roll on the Withdrawl chart for each day in that period. [11/20/99]

Martial Arts Companion

Martial Arts Styles

  • Chi powers that a style gives you access to must be developed seperately. [1/26/00]

Weapon Styles

  • Weapon Styles are developed as skills, and give the listed special abilities if you have any ranks in the style. However, the special abilities can only be used while attacking with the style bonus.

School of Hard Knocks


  • NEW Use the rules given for burns to heal frostbite. [6/1/00]

Treasure Companion

Continuous Items

  • For spells that affect targets, assume that each round the spell is cast once each round, and targets each new target in the area of effect. This means each target makes only one RR, unless it leaves the area of effect and returns. [11/23/99]

Treasure Codes

  • The "special" result for code Z means the treasure is GM's choice. It should be something special to the players, ideally something that has particular meaning to the story or campaign. It doesn't necessarily have any particular monetary or tactical value. [11/23/99]
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