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September 2021

Rolemaster Rulings

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This is a collection of official rulings for the Rolemaster RPG. These were originally posted on Craig O'Brien's Website, back when he was the net rep for ICE. He has since removed these from his site, but gave me permission to post them here. For the most part, I have left the pages as close to their orignal format as possible, only removing/adjusting links that are no longer valid and added my own logo to the top as I update each page.

Brett Nash has recently reformatted and updated these rulings, the updated version can be found [here]

These rulings are meant to cover the Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying, although there is a section at the end covering older versions of Rolemaster.

The rulings are organized by topic, with a section for rulings on specific books.. They will be updated periodically, whenever ichabod has the time to do so. In some cases there will be two rulings, a simple ruling and a realistic ruling. Rolemaster is about realism, so realistic rulings are usually given. However, sometime realistic rulings are hard to play with, so simple rulings are given.

Official rulings are made to assist GMs who cannot decide how to rule on an ambiguous situation, and to correct typos. They are not made for player's to badger their GMs with. They are not made to force GMs to play a particular way. As always, Your Mileage May Vary (that is, do what you want in your own campaign).

Current as of 5/14/00.

  • UPDATED Latest Rulings: The latest batch of rulings that have been posted to the site.
  • Actions: Rulings concerning sequencing actions, modifiers to rolls, and so on.
  • UPDATED Combat: Rulings concerning attacks, initiative, and other combat confusion.
  • UPDATED Magic: Rulings concerning casting spells, learning spells, and specific spells.
  • Characters: Rulings concerning character generation and development.
  • UPDATED Specific Books: Rulings about material in books besides RMSR/RMFRP.
  • UPDATED Old Rolemaster: Rulings about pre-RMSS Rolemaster.
  • NEW Spacemaster: Errata for Spacemaster: Privateers.
  • Archive: An archive of old RMCR updates

After each ruling is the date it was made on, in brackets. There may be other codes in the brackets, such as:

  • #: A number before the date indicates that this ruling has been explicitly made a certain number of times. This is just for me to keep track of how well the RMCR is serving its purpose, and if a seperate FAQ is required.
  • R: This ruling can be found in the rules somewhere, although perhaps not in the obvious places.
  • X: This ruling is a reversal of a previous ruling. Sorry, but even gurus make mistakes.