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The following rulings were added to the collection on 6/10/00:


  • NEW Armor quickness penalties may not be reduced by high St. [5/15/00]

Frostbite (SoHK)

  • NEW Use the rules given for burns to heal frostbite. [6/1/00]

Healers (RM2)

  • NEW Healers do not have to make a diagnosis roll before casting a transferral spell. [6/8/00]

Moving Strike

  • NEW The attack is part of the movement action, but still requires 100% activity or there will be penalties. [5/31/00]


  • NEW You may not parry directed spell attacks without the aid of specific spells. [R, 6/7/00]

Power Perception

  • NEW Illusions and Invisibility are active spells, and can be dected by Power Perception. [5/22/00]


  • NEW Shields do give a bonus agaist directed spell attacks, as indicated on T-3.6. [R, 6/7/00]

Similar Skills

  • NEW Thrown and melee skills for the same weapon are not similar. [5/21/00]
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